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Monster Color Guide For The Future -

The approaching year has stirred an unprecedented state of unrest in the color realm. Soulful nostalgia, feisty self-expression, cultural flux, and new spirituality are combining to fill in the emerging portrait of our shared future.

According to Pantone,

“for Autumn/Winter 2016/17, we explore color that is “real” and “unreal”, present and absent, and a mixology of what is in between. We are polarized between colors that are unassuming, honest, simple, and stronger; more saturated tones that make a bold statement. For those in the middle? A third platform of color that bridges and connects our desire to be intoxicated or sober, loud or quiet – or both at the same time.”

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While predicting the colors of the future isn’t an easy feat, and one that requires astute insight and diligent deliberation, we have sat back and observed the changing color seasons with much patience. By employing credible forecasts as a guide to project invigorated color design palettes and fads which will encourage and inform new color directions in the year to come, and capitalizing on the previous Pantone ‘Color of the Year’ Galore,  we have strived to venture a guess on what 2017 will bring to the table in terms of colors.

Here’s what your favorite colors will look like in 2017:

Monster Color Guide 2017

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