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Let The Games Begin: It Is The Race To Choose The Best Fonts For Your Next Gaming Logo Design -

Gaming Logo Designs

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Great gaming logos are visceral. Without leaving much to the imagination, a well-designed gaming logo will be very direct in its message. Forget unnecessary abstract shapes, gaming logo designs are obvious, hit the chord, and compel you to take action.

And they do it all through fonts. Because, interestingly, the gaming industry, though highly visual in nature, does not put much stock in icons and symbols when it comes to defining its visual identity. Most gaming logos are type-based designs and contain only text.

Think of Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and even Super Mario. Each is a text-based logo and uses evocative and vivid typefaces to reflect the unique flavor of its game.

Yet, over the years, gaming logo fonts have become diluted. We see the same two or three kinds of fonts being used over and over again. Plus, the divide between the font in use and the video game logo it represents is sometimes too wide to unsee. Therefore, we have decided to share with you 15 seldom-used logo fonts that you can explore for your mobile game logo, pc game logo, video game logo, and many other designs. And keep your gaming identity fresh.

And just so it isn’t a burden on your design budget, we’ll exclusively share Google Fonts suggestions that are all free.

Let’s start.

1. Games And Gambling Logos That Keep It Fun

Most suitable for child-friendly games that are mostly in the realm of edutainment. Prodigy, ThinkRolls, and Simon Says are a few of the games that come to mind. These gaming fonts are fun, colorful, have squishy curves, and devoid of sharp edges.

The overall look is unmissable as a logo design that is selling something child-centric, easy, exciting, and fun.

To emulate this feel to your new game logo, we suggest Henny Penny, Moo Lah Lah, and Gluten.

Gaming Logo Design 1

Gaming Logo Design 2

Gaming Logo Design 3

2. Gaming Logos That Are Driven By The Story

All gaming is storytelling. From a single solitaire game to something as elaborative as the worlds created by Fallout, Doom, and Dead Space – it all boils down to stories, narratives, and tales of bravery, freedom, and adventure.

The logo fonts to define your sci-fi, horror, or adventure game, etc., need to be strong, reflective of the world it represents, and highly emotive typefaces. You need to spend a long time trying to get the look of the font right. Going from a futuristic world to a story of the past, your choice of logo need to respect and convey the time, culture, and period of the age of it is representing.

The Google fonts that I can recommend with full confidence, especially for computer and mobile games that tell rich stories, include Uncial Antiqua, Reggae One, and Offside.

Gaming Logo Design 4

Gaming Logo Design 5

Gaming Logo Design 6

3. A Tech-Focused And Mechanical Logo Design

There are trends for every industry that never go out of style. For gaming logo images, it’s typefaces that seem abstract, mechanical, futuristic, jazzed up, and high-tech. Major characteristics of these logo are broken letters, squared shapes, lightening effects, and a very arcade-look.

These hints to the classics of video games lends modern gaming an instant identification. It’s pretty easy to distinguish these highly gaming-centric fonts from all the other kinds of fonts. However, you can still choose more modern interpretations of these famous looks and not only give your mobile game logo design a new feel but the benefit of instant recognition, too.

Our font choices for these kinds of logos include Black Ops One, Press Start 2P, and Megrim.

Gaming Logo Design 7

Gaming Logo Design 8

Gaming Logo Design 9

4. Fierce And Ferocious Gaming Logo Fonts

You have created a splendid story of a hard-core rebel who is going to raise hell. Now give her the ferocious details that highlight how truly badass she is.

Wild colors, tough strokes, and stormy icons. Also throw in a dirty look that your protagonist should be giving to the viewers on the poster. We all love insurgents.

The fonts we are going to suggest for these kinds of all-guns-blazing logos tend to be on the side of heavy, curvy like the arc of a dagger, and dripping sweat if not blood. Google fonts that fulfill the brief: UnifrakturCook, Nosifer, and Hanalei Fill.

Gaming Logo Design 10

Gaming Logo Design 11

Gaming Logo Design 12

5. Modern And Minimal Game Logo Ideas

Not all games require intense involvement on part of the players. Sometimes, all we need is a non-demanding mobile game that’ll help us pass some time, entertain us while we are bored, and not ask too much participation from us.

These less-demanding games require visual identities that are reflective of their laid-back nature. The fonts are calmer, colors somewhat mellow, and if there are icons, they are not as ferocious and certainly not aggressive. Interesting, modern, sleek, and minimal are the words to go by. Fashion games, cooking/kitchen games, and puzzle games etc., fall into this category.

The free gaming fonts that we can think of for these kind of logos are Nova Slim, Vibes, and Overlock SC.

Gaming Logo Design 13

Gaming Logo Design 14

Gaming Logo Design 15

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Branding a gaming logo is challenging but exciting. You are fighting on two fronts: creativity and commercialism. While that is true of any graphic design work, for visual fields such as gaming, the stacks are high because you are also dealing with storytelling. We hope our suggestions for top gaming logos will help you get an idea on what to look for in a gaming logo wordmark and how to finalize the fonts for various aspects of your online game.

So, now, go out there. Create wonderful worlds. Tell incredible stories. And rivet us all with what you can make.

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