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Feathers, Beaks, and Wings: A Gallery of Iconic Bird Logo Designs -

Iconic Bird Logo

We recently did an article commemorating the famous Twitter bird as it bid adieu to the iconic brand. When Twitter was turned into X, the cheerful blue bird was also asked to leave and, in its place, we have a demonic X logo that represents nothing.

In a bid to pay homage to all the iconic bird logos that are still part of modern culture, here are 24 bird-centering design identities that are global, endearing, and beautifully designed.

1. Nestle

Nestle started as an infant cereal brand. The image of a mother sparrow feeding its two little chicks seems not only appropriate for the initial brand offering but is also fitting for the present-day Nestle, a global food and beverages brand.

Iconic Bird Logo 1

2. American Eagle Outfitters

Since the eagle is pretty far up there on the food chain, brands often choose eagle logos to declare their strength, courage, and dominance over their competitors. The American Eagle’s brand mascot, in particular, looks ready to pounce upon its prey — an even more strong message from the brand.

Iconic Bird Logo 2

3. Dove

Dove has been a symbol of womanhood, beauty diversity, and feminine acceptance for a very long time. Its golden dove logo is soaring and looks ethereal and youthful.

Iconic Bird Logo 3

4. Giorgio Armani

Though Armani’s eagle isn’t soaring, it looks majestic, strong, and powerful. The qualities Armani wants you to visualize when you think of its suits and clothing.

Iconic Bird Logo 4

5. Duolingo

This is a fun little bird logo that helps you in the challenging but thrilling task of learning a new language. Wherever you feel stuck in the journey, you have the Duolingo bird ever helpful and ever fun to facilitate your progress!

Iconic Bird Logo 5

6. Penguin Books

The Penguin Books logo is a symbol of a childhood that was filled with lots and lots of books! Its cheerful penguin symbolizes curiosity, playfulness, and friendliness. Of all the animals that you can use for your brand identity, a penguin is the most loved to bank on!

Iconic Bird Logo 6

Though the Penguin Books logo has gone through a slow process of refinement over the years, and the penguin is a lot thinner than it used to be, it’s still mischievous and has that sparkly smile that we all loved!

Wing Logo Designs

7. NBC

Did you know that the reason NBC has a colorful peacock as its logo is because the company that owned NBC also sold color TVs? By using a colorful peacock logo for their broadcasting channel, they’d hoped to lure more people into buying color televisions.

Iconic Bird Logo 7

8. Lufthansa

Lufthansa, the German airline carrier uses a crane in its logo. Cranes are migratory birds that travel long distances between Eurasia and Africa. They spend most of their life traveling and sport strong bodies and stronger flights. Pretty spot-on symbolism for an airline, right?

Iconic Bird Logo 8

9. American Airlines

Another Eangle logo on the list! This one uses a more abstract way to showcase its bird logo. While the red and blue wings are pretty literal summations of avian wings, the beak in the middle symbolizes the head of the eagle in a more subtle way.

Iconic Bird Logo 9

10. Turkish Airlines

You thought the eagle was the strongest flying bird? Think again. Turkish Airlines uses a wild goose as its brand symbol to humanize the brand. This bird is the world’s highest-flying bird and can rise up to 29,035 feet. So, the next time you’re looking for a strong bird symbol for your logo, let the well-used eagle get some rest and choose the splendid wild goose.

Iconic Bird Logo 10

11. Freelancer

The origami bird in the Freelancer logo not only signifies the freedom that comes with being an independent worker but also the fact that such freedom allows you to work on diverse projects, often turning a mundane job into a beautiful and intricate process of creativity.

Iconic Bird Logo 11

12. Swarovski

While most brands go for the strength, power, and flight aspects of using a bird logo, you can also consider other birds for more meaningful and thoughtful symbolism. The swan logo of Swarovski, for example, should serve as a great design inspiration for you for its grace, elegance, and beauty.

Iconic Bird Logo 12

13. Tripadvisor

When you are creating a brand that will become the world’s go-to place to seek travel advice and information, only an owl logo would do. As the animal kingdom’s most intelligent and wisest bird, it conveys insight, attention, and guidance.

Click here if you fancy an owl logo for your brand.

Iconic Bird Logo 13

14. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-fil-A’s brand mascot, the smiley rooster, has gone through a few changes to gain its present streamlined shape. The original rooster looked more like a parrot, thanks to a more parrot-y beak. In 2012 it was corrected, though.

Iconic Bird Logo 14

15. Baltimore Ravens

The sports team uses an imposing raven head as its logo. In the bird world, ravens are symbols of intelligence, cunning, partnership, and ancient wisdom. But the way it’s designed for the logo, with its intimidating features, including a pointed beak and fierce eyes, the overall effect is menacing, powerful, and resilient.

Iconic Bird Logo 15

16. Hooters

Love the red circles that make up the owl’s eyes! Hooters’ fun logo is simple and beautiful to recreate with our AI logo maker where you can choose an owl symbol and swap the colors of one or more elements in the logo with a unique color of your choice. Try now.

Iconic Bird Logo 16

17. Swift

The most mesmerizing thing in the Swift logo is the way its swallow bird becomes highlighted in that beautifully red-orange background. Another thing that I love? While most birds on this list are soaring high, the Swift bird is zooming downward. To catch prey or take an upward dive with more air momentum?

It’s open for discussion.

Iconic Bird Logo 17

18. Hollister

The Hollister brand is symbolized by a flying seagull — which represents freedom and fearlessness. The bird is depicted in mid-air and uses a dark color palette to convey confidence, power, and style.

Iconic Bird Logo 18

19. Japan Airlines

Birds, as soft but powerful creatures, are fan-favorite icons for non-profit organizations. But airlines are second on the list of industries that love using birds as their official symbols. Japan Airlines, with its crane logo, is another iconic brand in the global aviation industry relying on a bird symbol for international prestige.

Iconic Bird Logo 19

20. Froot Loops

Your bird logos don’t always have to be fierce. Of the many emotions that your bird logo can carry, fun, joy, and playfulness are great ones to remember. Toucan Sam, the psychedelic Froot Loops mascot can serve as a ready example.

Iconic Bird Logo 20

21. Smirnoff

When creating a logo with a powerful symbol such as an eagle, play lowkey with the rest of your symbolism. Smirnoff has done exactly that by placing a crown atop its head and showing the eagle sitting royally on the shield. No over-the-top flying maneuvers, no unnecessary ferocity. Just a splendid eagle on a vodka logo — simple and stunning.

Iconic Bird Logo 21

22. Kiwi

Another fun bird on the list! Kiwis, though flightless birds are revered as ancient symbols of truth and understanding. According to popular lore, they can sniff out the truth from the false and understand earth changes.

Iconic Bird Logo 22

23. Linux

We told you everybody loves penguins! From banking to tech and from sports to publishing, businesses rush to use penguin imagery to associate with their brands’ positive public sentiments.

Iconic Bird Logo 23

24. Arizona Cardinals

When designing a sports team logo, you want something ferocious and aggressive-looking. Because the entire point is to dominate the rivals long before you set foot into the field. The Arizona Cardinals logo with its menacing cardinal head and that angry squint of the eye? Who’d want to mess with them?!

Iconic Bird Logo 24

The Takeaway

In branding, the first goal of the business is to create an identity symbol that conveys your core brand message immediately and effectively. Animal logos, for various reasons, are the best icons that do the job well. As you peruse this article today, take inspiration from the world’s leading brands and use what they’ve done to inspire and inform your own branding choices.

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Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. He has been working in the social media space since 2008, with a focus on design services, user interface planning, branding and more. Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns. Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects.

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