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How To Use Golden Ratio To Design A Balanced Residential Real Estate Logo? -

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Real Estate industry is a very competitive and broad industry. With businesses ranging from giant real estate firms to small-scale brokerage, the spectrum runs far and wide. And when it comes to Residential Real Estate, the band is just as diverse. From holiday homes, condominiums and apartments to historic estates or bungalows, the specialty types may vary for every Residential Real Estate Company. This is why without a doubt your logo branding should include these characteristics of your business so the consumers get a very clear image of your services.

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However, that said, there is something else you can particularly focus on in your Residential Real Estate logo to make it stand out from the rest. And that is proportions and aesthetics. If you’re wondering why this is important, let us show you why.

The Value Of Proportions In Real Estate Logos

When people are coming to you to buy or rent a residential real estate, they are coming with certain expectations. For one, they want value for money. For another, they are looking for a warm and beautiful environment they can call home.

Because there is a lot of sentimental value attached to the concept of home, it is important that you convey those values to your customers, to make them feel you understand their wants.

One way of doing this is through conveying the idea of aesthetics, beauty, and warmth. While you can do this through many design techniques, proportions and geometry is one way of bringing these messages in your logo. When your logo appeals to the subconscious human mind that is attracted towards balance, proportion, and geometry, you are more likely to trigger the subconscious feelings of warmth, good will and trust in your customers.

And obviously, this means they are more likely to gravitate towards you.

Golden Ratio – The Perfect Aesthetic Balance

A logo designed on Golden Ratio can bring an instant aesthetic appeal that lends positively to the subconscious human mind. The Golden ratio, that also goes by the name of the divine proportion, golden section or golden mean is basically the numerical derivative called Phi. Phi is the ratio quantified as 1: 1.618, which has been based on the Fibonacci sequence. In this ratio, every number is the sum of the two numbers before it.

Mathematicians have found Golden Ratio strewn in nature. This proportion is found in the human face, trees, leaves, anatomy of animals and even in the great architectural wonders of the world. This is a clear proof that this ratio is comfortable to the eye and appealing to our senses. This is why using this as a governing technique in your Residential Real Estate logo can be highly beneficial.

What Residential Real Estate Logo Elements Can Be Defined By Golden Ratio

The golden ratio brings perfection to design and it can be seen in many geometrical manifestations. Some of these include the golden rectangle, the golden circles, golden spiral and even the golden triangle. You can use these guiding geometrical patterns to govern many aspects of your logo design. Here is what you can dictate using the Golden Ratio:

1. Symbols

Your Residential Real Estate logo symbols can be designed using any of the golden ratio patterns. Think of all the popular residential real estate symbols for example trees, animals, houses, land, abstract shapes etc. Use golden ratio grids and patterns to come up with the symbols forms and your symbol will not only be aesthetically pleasing because they are based on the best proportions, they will also be strong and forthcoming!

Here are some common Residential Real Estate Symbols that can be designed using the Golden Ratio.

Buildings & Homes

A beautiful image of a building and home is very self-explanatory for the kinds of property and homes you deal with. While this is the most used symbol in the real estate industry and can look a little stale, it actually depends on how well you stylize and design the image. This age old symbol can still look fresh. For good proportions, you can base your building heights and lengths on Golden Ratio. For example:

Building Homes Real Estate Logo

Base vertical and horizontal heights on the Golden Rectangle or Golden Square. You can also use the golden rectangle to build windows and doors.

Curves Logo

If your residential real estate logo uses curvier forms, you can base those on the Golden circle segments. This will also give you the appropriate spacing distance between the circle segments.


Animals Logo

Sometimes, residential real estate logos may use animals as a way of referencing to the land of a particular area –where that animal may be commonly found. These references are especially good for historic residential real estate and holiday homes because they give a feeling of being connected to nature and tradition. It is very easy to design animal forms using Golden Ratio. For example, these forms are based on the Golden circles:

Real Estate Animals Symbols


Residential Real Estate Symbols often includes trees. Trees symbolize an environment that is pleasing and connected with nature. They also symbolize the concept of ‘nesting’ and having a home. Some examples of residential real estate logos using trees include:

Trees Logo

Using a local tree type is a good idea. For example, oak trees, banyan trees etc, give a very sheltered, homey feeling and can also give reference to the type of area you cover. You can use golden ratio to design these trees.

Tree Logo Golden Ratio

For example in this above example, the tree branches are growing in number and distance, based on the golden ratio. Determine the lengths of your branches using the golden ratio, and it can give you a very aesthetically pleasing tree.

Real Estate Tree Logo Golden Ratio

Abstract Shapes

Modern residential real estate logos also utilize abstract shapes. Abstract shapes signify modernity and progress to the customer. They also leave your logo open enough to be used with a multiple numbers of services. This is why if you’re thinking of doing something different, abstract symbols in your Residential Real Estate Logo may be a good idea.

Abstract shapes can easily be made with the golden mean. You can utilize any golden mean technique, whether it is the golden rectangle, the golden square, the golden circles or the golden spiral. Here is an example of abstract golden mean shapes.

Abstract Shapes

You don’t necessarily have to keep these shapes geometrical. They can appear more free-flowing in structure as well, even though in principle they will still be based on a geometrical pattern or grid.

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2. Text

Placing text appropriately in your Residential Real Estate logo is important. Once you’ve decided what text you’re going to use, and whether you’re going to include a tagline or not, the next step is to appropriate visual placement of this text in your logo.

Golden Ratio can help you define your font sizes. You’ve figured out the perfect font styles for your Residential real estate logo, but you’re not sure what font sizes to use. Just base them on the golden ratio! For example, if you’ve got your Company’s name set at size 17, just divide 17 by the golden ratio to get a number for your tagline size! Still think the font is too big? Keep dividing in this ratio until you get the desired font size!

You can also use the golden ratio to calculate the optimum line height and line width for your logo typography. Line widths and heights are very important for creating an overall harmony in the logo layout that your customers can respond well to. Here is a graph that can help you see how to increase line widths in proportion with your line heights to keep it in line with the Golden Ratio:

Real Estate Text Logo

Great proportions for text placement can make your Residential Real Estate logo look very powerful and impressionable.

Residential Real Estate Logo Fonts And Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio To Revamp Residential Real Estate Logos

Golden mean or golden ratio can manifest in many geometrical patterns. The most common ones you can use for your residential real estate logos are the following:

1. The Golden Rectangle

The Golden Rectangle

The golden rectangle can go on subdividing itself to infinity. Using a golden rectangle you can determine the layout placement of your logo, for example, the points of intersection or the points connected by the spiral can become good focal points for placement of visual elements of a symbol. Similarly, you can use the golden rectangle to place text as well.

2. The Golden Spiral

The Golden Spiral

The Golden spiral is made in the golden rectangle by joining points of intersection. A golden spiral is ideal for governing logo composition and also for designing specific logo elements.

3. The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle

The Golden circle can be made in the golden squares of the golden rectangle. You can then separate these circles to form any patterns of choice. You can even use repetition of a single sized circle. Use the circular grid to form symbols or layout placement for your Residential Real Estate Logo. Circles are good for free flowing forms and for custom fonts.

4. Other Types

golden triangle and Golden Square

Other Golden mean patterns include the golden triangle and Golden Square. You can use these shapes for element placement, symbol design and also compositions.

Don’t Limit Yourself

As with all other geometrical shapes and techniques that govern composition and styles of art and design, following this technique to the tee is not necessary. Golden ratio just gives you a general idea of good proportions. However, true creativity lies in bending and twisting the rules. This is why not every designer follows Golden ratio in their designs. This means there are other ways of achieving the same aesthetical value; however Golden ratio just provides you an easy way to start. The ideal real estate logo can be achieved by allowing Golden ratio to generally guide your design, while also utilizing intuition and out-of-the-box thinking.

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Using the above techniques and ideas, you can create a unique residential real estate logo that appeals to the subconscious mind of the viewer. Through this, you will be able to send them subliminal messages of attraction which will surely do wonders for your real estate branding.

Want to give golden ratio a try in your real estate branding? Check out the different golden ratio design apps to make typography design and symbol design easier for you.

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