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Scientifically Artful Individuals – 10 Facts About Creativity -

‘Wow I never thought about it that way.’

‘This is something I never knew I needed all my life!’

‘Why has no one done this before?!’

These are responses of people to things that creative people are bound to get. Bring into the world. It can be their out-of-their-box ingenuity, their unorthodox design sense, or pretty much something that feels like a complete new approach to doing things.

These are the dreamers and more importantly, these are the people who put ‘the mother of invention’ in ‘necessity’. No great things were ever accomplished by those who suffered from an utter lack of imagination.

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Even scientists of yore that made ground-breaking discoveries weren’t rigid in their thinking and overall approach to life. That’s all the more ironic when you think that they are bound by the laws of math and physics when it comes to proving their hypothesis and theories, constrained as they are.

But here’s the thing. Creative designers also have a finite number of colors to choose from if you think about it. Yet it is their application of eclectic art styles, their approach and their mindset that’s the reason behind their creative output. By that yardstick, even famed architects don’t let environmental conditions or limitations come in the way of what they design. And we’re sure no one needs further convincing about creativity when it comes to sous chefs serving in swank restaurants-cum-establishments as they prepare some wildly experimental yet great-tasting dishes.

1. Creative People Like To Challenge

Creative individuals display a willingness to approach challenges from a wide angle beyond their initial inklings.

2. Creativity Can Be Improved

Travel, drinking vodka and meditation can all make you more creative.

3. Everyone Can Be Creative

All people experience moments of “ordinary creativity,” which infuses daily tasks.

4. Rewards Plunge Creativity

Creativity might plunge if it becomes a means to a rewarding end.

5. Napping Is Good For Creativity

Napping actually improves stamina, boosts your creativity, boosts your sex life and reduces stress.

6. Creativity Starts Within

All creative pursuits start when the thinker perceives an external stimulus and processes it in his and/or her mind.

7. Learning Languages Improves Creativity

Bilingualism and multilingualism might improve one’s creative skills.

8. Recognition Helps Creativity

Just telling people to ‘be creative’ increases their creativity.

9. Creative Minds Process Slower

Creative thinkers have slower nerves.

10. Dopamine Correlates With Creativity

Dopamine increases with positive reinforcement and rewards, neurobiologists (like believe it correlates with creativity, too.

The point is, limited ingredients never stopped anyone. The human mind can be rather resourceful without meaning to at times. It really doesn’t matter what you love doing,  anyone can be creative if they put their heart and soul into it. Even celebrated design maestros have chimed in on the matter.

In the end, let’s take a look at some of the scientifically-proven aspects of creative individuals here below and let us know what maketh the creative individual:

Facts About Creativity

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