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The State Of Freelancing – How It Has Modified Work And Life -

Freelancing – eternal bliss for the pajama-clad tea/coffee addicts who can’t afford to leave their homes at any time. You must’ve also noticed many people leaving silhouettes in your office. Why? You ask. Because they’ve found refuge in freelancing and yes, they control their life now.

Freelancing is basically a generic term via which you like to tell people that you are your own boss, your manager, and your own employee, who’s reaching out to potential clients. You probably didn’t know that about 25% of the contemporary freelancing jobs didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Only a few experts had a reach this high to avail freelancing. But these days, every 2 in 4 people are freelancing and selling their skills they way they want.

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A recent survey reported that 53 million people in the US working as freelancers generated about $715 billion in the US economy. This comes as no surprise as this industry is thriving globally. Let’s bust a myth bubble; freelancing isn’t just limited to the writing and editing industry, its roots have penetrated other industries like professional logo design, social media management, web design and development, marketing, tutoring, and the list goes on and on.

However, that’s not all of it. Freelancing and technology have intertwined to give rise to so many jobs and have altered the face of the traditional job market. Moreover, with platforms like Salariship it is easier to find a job all around the world than ever before. In terms of graphic design, if you have a laptop and an internet connection – despite the fact that you’re stranded on a remote island – you can start freelancing in no time. You can create business logo designs, brand collateral, make a custom shirt, build websites or applications without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Graphic designers – after writers and bloggers – are the most demanded independent proprietors, the number of whom keeps growing day by day.

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Wait, there’s more to it. Not only can you work at your own pace, you don’t have to chase clients. They can find you at freelancing sites, where you’ve already posted your rates and a few samples of your success logo designs, web interface, print designs and personalized merchandise or they can just visit your website or portfolio. Under the digital guises, freelancers are now introducing new joints in entrepreneurship. Freelancing was never planned, it just started and look how fast it went! It has so many advantages that are captivating people to join the never-shortcoming crowd. But… you can also find some disadvantages tagged along with it too.

Wondering what other surprises freelancing has in store? It has cut down the global unemployment rates and is the greatest source of easy money. Also, you just do what you love and you get paid for that. Who doesn’t like a few bucks flowing in for almost free?

Do you want to know more? Good, because we’ve done all the freelancing detective work for you. And here’s what we’ve found:

State of Freelancing

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One thought on “The State Of Freelancing – How It Has Modified Work And Life

  1. Freelancers are skilled independent professionals, who only work on a project basis. They often specialize in areas including IT, engineering, creative, and legal. Freelancers can serve every demand that a business venture might have. These include marketing and writing along with technical and financial support. These skilled professionals have years of experience across multiple organizations. They’re used to jumping into projects and ramping up quickly. Their varied experience can also provide insights and fresh perspectives that may improve project results.

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