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10 Nifty Kerning Tips To Boost Typography -

Shape, direction, size, colors and a bevy of other elements contribute to an immaculate design. One of the elements that is as important as any other element is a well-balanced typography. A perfect and flawless typography is the quintessential factor of designing. It is this very aspect that enhances the visual appeal of a design. Kerning is one technique that lends a helping hand to designers to attain a balance and perfection in typography. An imperfectly kerned type can easily be regarded as one of the deadly sins of typography which can wreak havoc in a design and make it look plain.

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As easy as it may sound, kerning demands immense attention and art to score captivating and perfect typography. Indeed, kerning is an intricate process and any slight laxity can affect the overall attractiveness of a design.  While kerning, there is a string of precautionary content that a designer must consider to give finesse to the type. From size to space and font and a number of other facets affect kerning. Perfect kerning encompasses some pro techniques as well as a set of do’s and don’ts. This info graphic can be your promptuary that highlights easy but important factors that you should consider while kerning. Bookmark this page and open it every time you are to kern your fonts.

10 Nifty Kerning Tips To Boost Typography

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