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8 Types Of Font Combos That’ll Go Straight To Hell -

How can a font combo go straight to hell?

Keep in mind, every font has a purpose. If it is paired with a font that conflicts with that purpose, the whole combination looks awry. This is why pairing fonts can be a challenge. It isn’t as simple as pairing two that look alike; both of them have to work together to achieve typographic aims.

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Some fonts do not get along. They just look wrong together. And they can also look wrong together even if they look similar. Typography experts can spot these differences easily. However, even someone who is not an expert in the field can tell which fonts work together if they overlap their chosen designs in a design program.

The trick to creating outstanding font pairs is to know which fonts don’t work well together and why. We made it easy for you. Here are eight types of font combos that might compromise your project.

Types Of Font Combos

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