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Age And Gender Based Color Preferences -

Do men and women like different colors as they age? Apparently, they do. And the proof is everywhere. There is a reason why a baby girl is wrapped in pink blankets and baby boys in blue. The assumption is that girls that age might find pink more appealing and the same belief applies to boys.

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That assumption is based on scientific facts. Science says that the color preferences for each gender change as they grow older. For example, a one year old female might like the color pink but that preference changes as she comes into her teens. A boy is likely to change his color preferences the same way as he ages.

Color does more than give us an objective view of the world; it affects how we feel. This is why businesses choose colors wisely to cater to each gender, be it crafting a logo design, website theme or marketing collateral. It is also why they use certain hues to appeal to kids and others for adults. In order to understand how both sexes perceive colors as they age, take a look at this infographic.

Color Preferences

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10 thoughts on “Age And Gender Based Color Preferences

    • Taste and preference change. Nothing is constant. What we listed here is general idea. This is how people prefer or behave most of the time.

    • Hi Chris.

      This is based on data we collected across our social media platforms. We conduct polls and surveys on our social media. Feel free to follow us! 🙂

  1. I would question your methodology – you’re inflating business decisions with preferences. The links are to articles written for this website and those articles don’t have sources either, which is alarming since you mention these are ‘scientific facts’.

    It’s 2018, so you know, question why these are instead of believing that just because brands are producing specific colours for genders, that these are there preferences. It’s the very least you could do as a designer.

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