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10 Most Iconic Brand Logos In A Post Zombie Apocalypse World! -

The whole mankind is in the middle of October under the influence of evil spirits visiting from the dark cemeteries. The skies look grim even in the daylight and so intense are the feelings pre-Halloween that even a mere thinking of season 8 premier of Walking Dead feels like devilish. But let’s admit the fact – we all want to be decked up like a zombie for a Halloween fun night. Such is the eerie fantasy of the event that we start fantasizing vampish bats circling the full moon, creepy hoots of owls, blood dripping knives, haunted house; in short everything spooky.

Let’s call it a branding technique or whatever, our beloved brands do not leave any stone unturned by sweeping us in a hysterical, fearful wave so that we are seized in a gaudy terrain of darkest of the graves, frightful monsters, fiery-eyed clowns and what not.

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What if we ask you to imagine one of your favorite brands and their logos and give some ideas to make them look spooky? Any idea? No? Well, let us keep the Halloween spirits high by introducing a zombie apocalypse to the logos of world prominent brands, the ones all can relate to.

Keeping the stir that Halloween create, we, at DesignMantic, have tried a zombie apocalypse to the world’s famous brands’ logos to show how they might look with a little spooky variations. Imagine a rotten Apple and blood dripping from Google. We fantasize the reaction one might have upon seeing a blood-stained Microsoft window.

Let’s not go that far. Below are some examples of how creativity play its role in turning around the look of decency into zomb(ish) one. See it to believe it!

10 Logos In Zombie Apocalypse

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