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The Love-Hate Affair Between Clients And Designers -

Designers need clients and vice versa. The relationship between the both is not very complicated, neither it’s a bed of roses. They are constantly going after one another for one thing or the other. The relationship which a designer and their clients have is a combo of love and hate. For one amazing project, clients woo their designers but for a not-so-astounding work they are on designers’ nerves to get things done right. The Clash of opinions rises the bar of negotiations as well; and that makes their relationship even more interesting.

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• I love, you love: This happens most of the times when designers pitch an idea and clients want a few changes.

• Just in your head: The cradle of the concept is always clients’ mind.

• Hush hush, babe: The art is to handle the things too quickly.

• It’s only lust: Clients and designers usually have different priorities – opposites attract.

• I’ll show you: It’s always a client who comes up with a better show. Right?

• One night stand: No matter what, it should be completed in the given time-frame.

Here are a few illustrations that describe the love-hate affair between clients and designers:

Affair Between Clients And Designers

An advice: Never ask a designer to be your valentine. Here’s why.

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