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The Handy Color Glossary for Newbs -

Colors are ubiquitous whether you take them literally or in their figurative meanings. They are everywhere and they are the reason why we are able to view and enjoy the beauty of this universe. It is only with the best harmony among various color combinations on the color wheel that the concept of beauty even exists. Imagine what our lives would be like if we ever lost the ability to perceive colors? Sad… and boring…!

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Nature has established a color language that works not only for communication within a species, but also, across the entire kingdom of life. Nature develops this hard-wired system within each species for four basic purposes: to attract or repel members of the same species, and to attract and repel members of different species. We can further define these actions of communication with these examples:

• The plants use colors to attract potential pollinators or propagators.
• In the animal kingdom, color is also employed to attract the prey either by camouflage or by decoy.
• To avoid predators by camouflage or a simple warning.
• In animals, as well as Homo sapiens, colors are the backbone to the deed of attracting mating partners; for attracting the opposite sex (intersexual attraction), or intimidating the same sex competitors (interasexual competition).

Even the neutral colors that are absent from the color wheel, play an active role in the special modus operandi; thereby, making it an essential ingredient of the delicious recipe of life. An ingredient so indispensable to our happiness should be considered carefully when applied, especially, in corporate design. Colors should be chosen wisely if a brand is to be taken to the next level.

Here is a handy color glossary for newbs out there.  Hope you find it interesting and useful! Cheers!

Color Glossary

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