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14 Crazy Valentine’s Day Wedding Themes For Sappy Soul Mates! -

If you are madly in love, make this Valentine’s Day memorable with a little bit of insanity. Being normal is way too boring! Those red flowers, chocolate coated strawberries and glittery diamond rings are now old stuff; especially, if it’s the day you say “I do.” The truth is, weddings have become theme-less because couples just follow a color theme of plum, white, gold, etc. They are considered the favorite colors for a reception. However, if given a chance to do your wedding all over again; I am sure you would love to choose a different, more unique theme. You can also enjoy a more personalized and beautiful wedding by pumping up the theme fun with creepy DJs and awkward speeches. Go nuts while planning to make your big day even more special! Who doesn’t want to have a blast at their wedding?

Seriously, I would love to attend a wedding that is wacky rather than the one with “red” as the accent color. Make it memorable with some innovative ideas that everyone will enjoy. We have compiled a list of some wicked themes to heat up the romance on your Valentine’s Day wedding.    

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