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Design In Motion: Rolling Over Typography With The ‘Enfold’ Trend -

Welcome to another episode of Design in Motion, where design connoisseurs can stay abreast of a design trend that’s got the internet and the media talking. Previously we took a look at how calligraphy aint going anywhere in the face of all the new kinetic typography techniques in use today. And today it’s about wrapping things up.

Wrapping Things up You Say? More like Enfolding.

Don’t worry, we are still here for the long run but yes, the latest design trend that is inspiring a new breed of hip and psychedelic designers happens to be about ‘enfolding;’ about wrapping things up in all sorts of interesting ways.

Enfold. The word means a lot of different things by itself. Clinch. Drape. Encase. Clutch. Cover. Envelope. Squeeze. You know where this is going right?

So it’s no wonder that the ‘enfolding’ design trend gives video makers and designers a lot of leeway when they get to it, allowing them unprecedented experimentation in their designing projects.

Some of the pretty cool ways that designers are making use of enfold can be found in this trippy video:

So the next time you want your typography to acquire a life of its own, try using enfold.

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