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Branding 11 Oct 2019

8 Things You Need To Know About Branding

Branding is what you do to make your brand (business) memorable, recognizable. It promises your clients to deliver them the same experience (hopefully a good one) every time they buy ...

Museum Logo Design
Logo Design 30 Apr 2019

The Elements That Make Up A Contemporary Museum Logo Design

With international tourism growing every passing day and technology rapidly globalizing everything, the historic value of cultures and societies is also increasing. Museums are not just mere tourist spots anymore ...

Logo Animation Trends
Logo Design 12 Mar 2019

6 Logo Animation Trends You Cannot Ignore In 2019

Videos are loved, and for a reason; they move. Motion excites us. Our brain is wired to get attracted to anything moving! We like moving objects, be it blazing fires, ocean ...

Color Trends
Color Theory 31 Jan 2019

6 Amazing Color Trends To Use In 2019

Every color has a meaning, a purpose, and a long history that dates back to centuries ago. In Ancient Egypt, the color ‘blue’ was used to represent jewelry and decoration, ...

Rebrands of 2018
Branding 1 Jan 2019

18 Biggest Rebrands Of 2018 To Get Inspired

With 2018 reaching its denouement, we felt it necessary to turn back and have a flashback of the year’s most note-worthy rebranding projects. 2018—in a nutshell—was amazing and full of rebrands. ...