How to Design a Logo Using AI Logo Maker?

We have talked to you at length about AI logo makers. What they are, how they work, and the tips and tricks that optimize logo design work by AI. We have also done a piece on the future of AI in logo design and discussed tools like Dall-E and DeepAI.

And we still aren’t done. Only getting started.

Our newest article today is a deep-sea dive into the process of AI-powered logo design. What are AI logos? Who makes them? Are they copyrighted? Free? A threat to hard-working designers?

We’ll also get to the bottom of the intense hype that AI logo makers are getting all of a sudden. What’s triggering this immense outpouring of love? And will it sustain?

We’ll conclude the discussion with an info-rich section on the process of creating a logo design from A to Z with the help of our AI logo maker tool. We’ll demystify the process once and for all, and invite you to try your hand at it and see how incredibly easy and fun it is.

So, let’s chop-chop? Lots of ground to cover.

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What are AI logos? Unveiling the hype behind the buzz!

AI logos are logos made by AI. There, we answered your question. The discussion is over. See you next time.

Okay, okay. Wait!

As incredibly funny as my joke is, it's kind of true too.

AI logos are nothing new. We’ve been working with AI-powered logos for many, many years now and have achieved great success with it. AI logos are made with the assistance of artificial intelligence technology. Using AI algorithms and machine learning techniques, AI logos help create unique and visually appealing brand identities. AI logo generators utilize vast databases of design elements, colors, typography, and patterns to generate logo options based on user inputs or predefined parameters. They save you time, money, and effort, freeing your resources and streamlining your design process.

And while AI logos may not be a new phenomenon, they are definitely seeing a renaissance. Many of our competitors who felt hesitant calling themselves AI-powered logo makers are now confidently claiming to be one. It’s hilarious and kind of cheekily exciting to watch!

So, why this sudden change of heart? Is AI acceptable now?

It would seem so. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has opened a lot of doors and given space to extensive discussions. Consumers seem more willing than ever to take what AI has to offer and decide for themselves if they want to engage with it. And boy, do they seem ready to sit with AI and let the bot do its magic!

People are using AI to improve their writing work, plan meals, design spaceships, organize computer desktops, and even write wedding speeches. So why should graphic design be left alone?

With AI logos, businesses and individuals access a range of design possibilities quickly and efficiently. AI algorithms analyze design trends, user preferences, and industry-specific aesthetics to create logos that align with the desired brand identity. These logos can be customized, refined, and tailored to specific needs, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity in the design process.

Why are AI logo makers important?

AI logos have swiftly made ground due to their ability to streamline the design process, reduce costs, and provide access to professional-looking logo options for businesses of all sizes.

Why do we love them? Here are five reasons!

- They're fast

AI logo makers are lightning-fast. With just a few prompts or well-chosen search words, you can find the logo of your dreams ready for branding in just a few clicks.

Compared to the weeks-long back-and-forth between you and the designer or the time-intensive task of learning Illustrator or Photoshop, AI fast-tracks your logo design process. Just enter your company name, select your industry, and let the designs come rolling in.

If you have a clear logo design idea in mind and can go through the process of elimination briskly, you can have your logo design ready for use in under 5 minutes.

- They're smart

AI uses both algorithms and machine learning capabilities to give you better logo design options. It learns from your preferences and those of others who belong to your industry and develops its learning over time to suggest you logo design ideas that align closely with your branding needs.

As a smart logo design tool, it spots the visual aesthetics that appeal to both clients and their target audience and thus delivers what will be accepted.

- They're affordable

Though logo design costs vary a great deal, AI logo makers, on the whole, are super-friendly on the pocket.

They give you access to high-quality logo designs, complete with scalable vector formats, and enough custom features to make your design look unique. The best thing? They’re incredibly affordable and no matter your design budget, you can find something that aligns well with your brand identity and provides you a functional design to show off to the world.

- They're flexible

One of the greatest myths about AI logo generators is that they don’t have a lot of room for experimentation and editing. In reality, modern AI logo-maker tools are incredibly responsive and adaptive. With extensive customization capabilities, they give you complete control over your logo design.

With simple taps and clicks, you can change your entire logo layout, add more features, and tweak details like color and fonts. All without ever requiring you to have design expertise.

Plus, AI logos are responsive and made with vector graphics. Meaning, you can take an AI-made logo and use it to create branding across channels like print materials, digital platforms, outdoor advertising, and more!

- And they're fun!

Traditional logo design work, handled by a designer, creates a somewhat detached environment for the brand owner. They remain distant from the actual work and only get involved when approvals are needed or final decisions are made.

With a logo maker, you are knee-deep into the process from start to finish. Without having to deal with any design technicalities, you can have fun selecting templates, choosing colors, and pairing fonts.

AI logo makers like DesignMantic, also let you work on several different templates at once, without any extra charge, so you can express your brand ideas with complete freedom and ease.

Your most burning questions about AI Logo Makers

Now that you understand the significant role they play in creating and establishing beautiful brand identities, let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the practicalities of AI logo makers.

Is AI design free?

It depends on the AI platform you are using and your design requirements. Dall-E 2, for example, is free for casual use but if you use it to create bulk images, you’ll have to purchase credits.

AI logo makers, at least the good ones, are not free for use. But they are extremely light on the budget. Ours is available for use for only around $37 but even if you go for a higher package plan, you’ll still be spending only a fraction of what you would have spent had you worked with a designer.

Can AI do branding?

Yes! AI logo makers like DesignMantic allow you to create complete brand identities starting with your logo design.

Once you are done with your logo design, the tool asks if you want other materials made. You can design your business card, flyers, brochures, and letterheads with it. You can also use your AI logo and print it on your staff uniform, merchandise, storefront, and more.

Depending on your budget and brand identity scope, you can choose which areas of branding you want to cover now or at all. The AI logo maker will adapt to your needs accordingly.

Can you copyright a logo made on AI?

Design work created with the help of generative AI is not protected by copyright laws. Strictly talking about logos made by AI, the copyright remains with the owner of the site and is not transferred to clients who will be using the logo for their branding.

Yet, there are ways to change that. If you are working with an AI logo and want to use it exclusively for your brand, preventing others from accessing it or producing something similar to it, you can buy the design for exclusive rights — which will have a higher price tag — but you will have the full authority and freedom over its use.

I want a logo maker without a watermark. Is that possible?

Yes. While all premade logo templates carry a watermark for identification and copyright, the watermark is removed when a design is personalized and bought for a fee.

So, don’t worry if your new AI logo template has a visible watermark in the background, it will come off when you buy the final logo. The logo files you’ll download will carry no watermark, giving you a clean background and a sharp image that you can utilize as per your needs.

Will AI make artists obsolete?

Only those that are producing very mediocre or rehashed work. Remember that AI and machine learning work by studying large patterns of data that are already available. So generative AI doesn’t produce original work — it creates designs based on the existing work of millions of human artists.

And sure, while we may have talked about in the past how logo makers trump designers in so many cases, the fact is that high-quality human-made work cannot be overlooked.

So, artists who are able to create good work on their own will never go out of the market. They will always remain in high demand. AI design will only support the work they’re already doing by shouldering much of the repetitive tasks and mundane jobs.

Elements of the right AI logo

AI logos come premade as templates. Following the golden rules of logo design, they perfectly balance all the core elements of a good logo — shape, type, color, size, etc.

But as a brand owner or marketer, when you begin to customize or edit the logo, what are the things that you must keep in mind? What core elements should you show extra TLC to?


Shapes play a crucial role in logo design. While they come in different sizes and forms, we usually group shapes under three categories:

Choosing the right logo shape is the first step to creating a visual language that resonates with your audience and showcases your brand authentically.


Type or typeface refers to fonts and font combinations you use in your AI logos.

Most AI logos come with a preset font chosen by the AI as being most relevant to your industry and design preferences. But feel free to experiment. Just keep two things in mind:

You must also make sure not to make your type size bigger than your icon size. However, if you are working with a type-based logo, you have more room to play.


Colors are one of the most meaningful signals in a brand logo. While we don’t suggest heavy manipulation of colors when editing your AI logo, some changes should be made to personalize the design for your brand.

The reason we are not a huge fan of massive color changes in AI logos is that the AI has gone through vast amounts of data to choose that color for that logo template. It’s suitable for the brand, resonates with the audience, and is relevant to the industry.

So make changes where necessary, and give it a unique spin, but avoid extensive editing unless you are a pro or the brand identity demands it.


The direction in logo design refers to the intentional placement, orientation, and flow of elements within a logo. It encompasses the arrangement of shapes, lines, typography, and other design elements to guide the viewer's eye and create a sense of movement or visual hierarchy.

Depending on how you have placed your elements, the direction of your AI logo can communicate a sense of balance and stability or dynamism and drama.

Changing the direction of your AI logo allows you to control the visual impact and guide the viewer's perception.


Size refers to a few things when you are working with an AI logo.

To get all of this out of your AI logo maker, use the feature that offers you a full-branding package. It will allow you to create a consistent brand identity across different channels giving you complete control over your brand representation.

Getting the most out of an AI logo maker!

The key to a fully-optimized AI logo is refinement.

What a good AI logo maker would give you is a good-enough template to work on. It’s your job to make it something spectacular with your brand guidelines and industry principles.

We hope that the information we’ve shared with you today will help you with that goal. If you have got any questions, feel free to take a look around our blog and find a whole trove of supplementary information.

Or if you want, just start using our logo maker today and learn what it is by the magic of practice!