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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 15 Must-Read eBooks For Startup Owners In 2016! -

eBooks For Startup

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Have you ever noticed that we are living in a phase where we constantly find ourselves reading from one source or the other? There’s a tremendous amount of content that we lay our eyes on right from the time we open our eyes in the morning till we go back to bed late at night. These include SMSes, tweets, emails, articles, blogs and statuses etc. Imagine yourself reading something highly useful, especially if you are either planning to establish your business or running an SMB. This will transform you into an altogether updated and upgraded version of your current being. Right?

Reading helps in improved understanding along with better vision. Experiences and stories of others when read make impression in the mind of human. This makes reading a life savior. With the help of ebooks, now it’s a lot easier to read anywhere no matter if you are drinking coffee in the lunch or meeting break or lounging anywhere calm and quiet. Following are a few recommended ebooks which every business enthusiast should read at least once.

• Designing Ebook For Startups (Web & Logo Designing)

1 – Everything There Is To Know About Logo Design


Everyone wants to understand the elements involved in creative logo designs. No matter if they are creating education logo designs they want them to be creative too. If you want to read an ebook on logo designing then you need to review “Everything There Is To Know About Logo Design”. This ebook is beautifully written and it describes the fundamentals and secrets of logo designing smartly. Just like its title suggests, this ebook is all that you need to know about logo designs. It can easily be termed as the smart guide to professionals and newbies of logo designing. For a business owner it’s imperative to read and grasp the finest detailing along with the elements described about the logo designs.

2 – The Branding Bible – Business Card Design Explained

The Branding Bible

Download Business Card Design eBook

The Branding Bible–Business Card Design Explained


Branding is one crucial part for SMBs. There are multiple ways to strengthen your brand and out of which one evergreen way is to come out with amazing and attractive business cards. Get detailed analysis and guidance on business card designs by reading “The Branding Bible – Business Card Design Explained”. This ebook is finest one in terms of sharing the knowledge and giving a proper information on how branding is done the right way, through business card designs. This ebook also highlights the importance of business cards fonts for SMBs. This ebook is a step by step guide for business owners to boost their branding practices and enjoy the fruitful results.

3 – 10 Keys to Great Landing Pages

10 Keys to Great Landing Pages

It looks as a very challenging task for businesses to come up with a landing page that converts. At the end of the day, a business is always about conversion, isn’t it? So, this ebook titled “10 Keys to Great Landing Pages” will be a great learning experience for business owners who are running SMBs and startups. This ebooks spots light on the purpose, objective and ideology behind creating impactful and conversion oriented landing pages. This very ebook is easy to understand and comprehend.

4 – Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive Web Design

For a business owner it is integral to understand the basics and fundamentals of web designing. In order to approve the right design, you need to read “Adaptive Web Design” to improve your knowledge regarding web designs. As the web is ever changing experience, there is high need to understand what’s new and what’s trending. Keeping this ebook under review and focus you can easily judge the designing patter and approach of the designer. This is a good read and will definitely help you in taking right decisions for your business.

• Digital / Online Marketing Ebooks For Startups

5 – The Essential Guide To Social Media Advertising

The Essential Guide To Social Media Advertising

Social media is the latest rage all around the world. Just like a business should have a website, similarly it should also have presence over social media. There are social media marketing and advertising tactics which professional social media marketers practice on daily basis to meet their goals and objectives. “The Essential Guide To Social Media Advertising” is an interesting ebook which discusses about how advertising campaigns should be executed on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. This ebook is an awesome guide for entrepreneurs and business owners to educate themselves about the dynamics of fast changing social media marketing and advertising trends.

6 – How To Get 1000+ Followers On Twitter

How To Get 1000+ Followers On Twitter

How To Get 1000+ Followers On Twitter is an ebook which will help in understanding the dynamics and detailing about how to market products and services over Twitter. This ebook also discusses about the ways with the help of which followers are increased on Twitter. Reading this book and then implementing the strategies will definitely help in a better business profile on Twitter.

7 – 17 Seo Myths You Should Leave Behind In 2016

17 Seo Myths You Should Leave Behind In 2016

17 Seo Myths You Should Leave Behind In 2016 is a guide for everyone who wants to improve their business rating and prominence over the Internet. Search engine optimization helps in improving the visibility of the website. Master the art of SEO and gain all the knowledge which you need to improve your website. Take your business website to places with the help of this phenomenal ebook. The steps and practices shared in this ebook are exceptional for a greater growth.

8 – The Essential Guide To Internet Marketing

The Essential Guide To Internet Marketing

The Essential Guide To Internet Marketing is an ebook which will help you in understanding the important concepts behind internet marketing. There are multiple ways to upgrade and update your business and utilizing the Internet marketing is one amazing technique undoubtedly. Make sure you read this ebook in detail and grasp the essential pointers discussed related to internet marketing. These points will help you big time.

9 – Understanding Google Adwords Ebook

Google AdWords: A Brave New World is an ebook which will help you to understand the basics and workings related to Google Adwords. The factors discussed in the ebook are worth applying and discussing with professional marketers. Google Adwords is very essential for the growth of any business. Take your business to another level with the help of this ebook.

• Inspirational Ebooks For Startups

10 –Entrepreneurship Education and Training

Entrepreneurship Education and Training

Small and medium business owners should always emphasize more on reading books which can train and educate them about business rules, practices and factors. Entrepreneurship Education and Training is an interesting and useful ebook for business owners to uplift their business and make the difference. This ebook gives an insight on how businesses should be executed in an entrepreneurship environment. It is a nice guide to describe modern day business techniques. Business owners will definitely be benefited with the knowledge which this book impart.

11 – 50 Ways To Plan For Small Business Success

50 Ways To Plan For Small Business Success

For every person, inspirational stories and tales do wonders in changing their mindset. In the case of an entrepreneur or startup owner, inspirational readings have phenomenal impact on people. “50 Ways To Plan For Small Business Success” is a concrete guide on how success is achieved by staying focused, result oriented and success hungry. This ebook shares an assortment of success secrets to showcase different angles through which success is easily achieved. Business owners should read this ebook for increased motivation towards their business ventures.

12 – Unleashing The IdeaVirus

Do you want your customers to be your brand managers? Yes, that’s really possible, if you follow what Seth Godin describes in his ebook titled “Unleashing The IdeaVirus”. This industry business leader shares some rock solid, interesting and most simplistic ways to make ways for businesses. This ebook is a great read for SMB owners and startup enthusiasts. This ebook demonstrates the power of routing ideas from one end to the other in great and effective way.

13 – 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes

101 Awesome Marketing Quotes

101 Awesome Marketing Quotes is a compilation of quotations from industry experts. This ebook is amazing for its inspirational value. The passion factor of this ebook is amazing. Once you read this ebook, you will be highly inspired by the focus and passion of the amazing business and industry leaders.

• How-To Build A Startup Ebook

14 – 4 Steps To Happy Startup

4 Steps To Happy Startup

For any business the culture plays a vital and significant role. Keeping the importance of cultural values, for a business owner it is significant to read “4 Steps To Happy Startup”. For a business owner it is imperative to have a happy culture and friendly environment in the workplace for workers. These pointers are discussed in depth in this ebook. This should be read by all individuals who are planning to launch their businesses and want to make them instant hit.

• Ebook For A Creative Startup

15 – How To Be Creative

How To Be Creative

If you really want to know the essence behind creativity, then you need to read this ebook titled How To Be Creative. Hugh MacLeod in this ebook emphasizes on the creative elements which can grab the attention of a potential customer or client. For business owners, this is a wonderful ebook to read and review. Every business is established for revenue and customers are the sources of achieving those revenues. So, always focus on creativity in whatever you do, ditto for business.

• So, Which One’s Your First Pick?

As mentioned above, readings helps in development of a human mind with multiple perspectives. Which ebook are you planning to read first? Do share your favorite ebooks which can benefit the business owners.

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