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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 24 Best Pinterest Wedding Boards For To-Be-Brides To FOLLOW -

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Featured Image: Unsplash/Anne Edgar

Weddings take forever to organize. At least they used to when people were faced with a dearth of ideas and unsure of what to do on their big day. Social media however, has made a significant difference in the planning and execution of the quintessentially fairytale wedding. You can now personalize your wedding down to the most common denominator. In this respect, the Pinterest user community has proven to be quite the resource, letting the groom and bride take charge and get the perfect ingredients ready for the dream wedding.

Let’s have a look at how to give your wedding an elegance (or opulence if that’s your thing) that will have people talking for years until the next big wedding event comes along.

• Bakery

What’s a wedding without a dash of sugary goodness? From cupcakes, tarts, ice creams, the wedding cake and more, here are some suggestions that are guaranteed to satisfy the most serious sweet tooths.

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• Beauty

Everyone wants to look at their ravishing best; especially, the groom and the bride taking the lead in the beauty department. Whether it’s about getting that perfect hairstyle, manicure, skin care or more; these Pinterest boards can help you get your wedding face on:

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• Beverage

Let’s admit it. No one likes long-winded wedding toasts. But once they’re over, there are drinks to be poured, shared and had. Be it sodas, wines, fruit juices and milk shakes, selecting the perfect mix of wedding beverages is crucial for your wedding day. These Pinterest Wedding boards will help you select the most freshest and popular drinks for the menu:

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• Catering

On your wedding day, you want to enthrall and serve your guests with topnotch catering services. Like most people say, it’s all in the presentation. Catering services can lend a certain quirky pizzaz to the wedding proceedings if you know where to look. Lucky for you Pinterest can help you out with the kind of catering services you are looking for:

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• Wedding Monograms

What’s a wedding without amazingly unique wedding monograms to go with them? Create customized wedding monograms that perfectly fit the theme and aesthetic style of your wedding. Invitation cards with excellently crafted emblems, calligraphy, cardstock and more are essential for the upcoming nuptials. They can prove to be a memorable and timeless reminder of your big day, thanks to a creatively designed photo album. Here are some inspired monogram designs that compliment your initials and more.

• Restaurant

Getting the right food for the menu is an arduously trying undertaking at the best of times. You want your wedding food menu to be the best, high on presentation and taste at the same time. But fret not as culinary perfection can be yours, provided you find a quaint (or a not-so-quaint) restaurant that specializes in wedding dining. Consult these Pinterest Boards to find a restaurant that features the perfect ambience, style and theme that you want:

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• Fashion

The clothes maketh the man. Nowhere is this phrase more true and visible than at weddings. From that sharp and custom-tailored suit for the groom to the exquisitely charming and sleek wedding gown for the bride, fashion plays a crucial role at weddings. And let’s not forget the guests who will turn up looking at their absolute best. Traditional, cutting-edge, and classy fashions, these Pinterest Boards will point help you determine what fashions are a perfect fit for weddings:

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• Jewelry

We saved this for the last, and for good reason. Exquisitely cut gemstones, diamonds and pearls belong in a wedding. We got a gamut of excellently cut ornaments and jewelries adorned by sapphires, emeralds, rubies, amethyst and more. All these precious stones on a ring or a necklace are a testament to love. These Pinterest Boards feature some of the most beautifully detailed jewelry pieces that absolutely belong in a wedding. After all, there is that matter of choosing the perfect wedding rings isn’t there?

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Weddings are solemnized in heaven, but celebrated on Earth. Let’s make it an event to remember by imbuing it with some of the most aesthetically pleasing wedding color trends and designs out there. People will be talking about this wedding for years to come.

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