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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 45 Artists Defying Trump’s Muslim Ban With Their Art -

Immigration Ban

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In the wake of President Trump’s executive order, titled “Protection of the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” masses all over the country are up in arms about the preposterous proposed ban on green card holders and refugees residing in the United States. From Dale Earnhardt Jr. to President Barack Obama to businesses such as Starbucks, people are expressing their sincere sympathies with Muslim refugees.

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Countless protests and fervor ensued as a result of the muslim ban, which can be seen on social media. And like any good protest, art is contributing its fair share in the current ban of refugees. its fair share in the current ban of refugees. Artists all over the globe are sharing poignant and painfully relevant works of art that speak to the current state of affairs and act as a wakeup call for those still turning a blind eye to their predicament. Just as artists commemorated the black history month to support #BLM, here are 45 artists who are taking the web by storm with their heart-wrenching depictions of what it means to be a refugee in the United States:

1. Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey Shepard Fairey 2 Shepard Fairey 3
Image: obeygiant

Shepard Fairey – the creative artist behind the 2008 “Hope” poster portraying Barack Obama as a presidential candidate– has come up with another set of defiant images, just in time for Donald Trump’s inauguration. The three posters feature African-American, Latino, and Muslim women; three vulnerable groups criticized by Trump, their needs anticipated to be neglected in a Trump administration. The phrase ‘We the People’ is at the core of these images, since it means everyone.

2. Jamie


We have constantly been witnessing rhetoric from Trump and his administration that echoes a crystal clear prejudice against all Muslims. All young Americans of Islamic descent have been victims of fearful and odious rhetoric against their religion and culture. This illustration by artist Jamie portrays the statue of liberty embracing a Muslim girl, to elucidate that America stands to protect all its citizens against violence and discrimination. That we even need to fight for this, says a lot about the state of our country.

3. Barry Deutsch

Barry Deutsch
Image: Barry Deutsch/

Republicans have spoken out again and again about their non-anti-immigrants stance and the unjustly claims pitted against them. Yet the recent turn of events narrate another tale, as depicted by Barry Deutsch in the illustration above.

4. Peter Brookes

Peter Brookes
Image: Twitter/Peter Brookes

The most recognizable phrase associated with the Statue of Liberty is “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” In the impactful illustration by Peter Brookes above, Trump is seen manipulating the symbol of all that America stands for, ordering the statue of liberty to scratch out the quotes engraved on a plaque on its inside pedestal, to send a powerful message: Don’t send us your tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free; America will leave the wretched refuse of your teeming shore to suffer alone.

5. Paige Hall

Paige Hall
Image: Twitter/Paige Hall

Illustrator Paige Hall has created a powerful sketch of a subdued Muslim woman, using the star spangled banner as a headscarf to cover and shelter herself, as if imploring America to offer her the protection and safety she had always witnessed hitherto.

6. Patch Zircher

Patch Zircher
Image: Twitter/PatrickZircher

For immigrants, the promise of America is about getting a fair shot and realizing the American dream, the same vision that has compelled many to become part of our country at great personal perils. From Mother Jones to Albert Einstein, immigrants have always contributed to the social fabric of America, making this country what it is today. However, immigrants today sadly continue to wait for their supposed elected protectors to wake up and provide the protection they desperately need to contribute their share. Immigrants who believe in the promise of America are waiting for deliverance, just as in the illustration by artist Patch Zircher, portraying a despondent Muslim mother holding her child and the last vestiges of hope. 

7. Phil Noto

Phil Noto
Image: Twitter/Phil Noto

The illustration of an immigrant superwoman holding an image of trump and tearing it down the middle speaks volumes about the power and fury of immigrants regarding the absurd policies of the Trump administration. Artist Phil Noto has beautifully captured the wrath and furor surrounding the immigrant ban.

8. Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien
Image: Instagram/Jean Jullien

Artist Jean Jullien has illustrated a subtle belief that many seemed to have forgotten; United States of America remain united despite a despotic regime threatening to break it apart.

9. Vasco Gargalo

Vasco Gargalo
Image: Twitter/ Vasco Gargalo

The powerful illustration by artist Vasco Gargalo depicts a despondent statue of liberty, a universal symbol of freedom, trapped inside a barren fortress, unable to lift the lamp beside the golden door for the homeless, tempest-tost. With her beacon lying dejectedly by her side, it shows that America does not support or stand up for the atrocious ban of the immigrants; it is simply helpless.

10. Lila Vert

Lila Vert

When Trump says “Make America great again”, this is what he actually means: “Make America White again”! The recent Ethnic Cleansing forays of Trump are rightly depicted in this illustration by artist Lila Vert, with Trump using his “Wall” to Sweep all “undesirables” out of the American territory. The core ideas of the Trump administration revolve around eradicating entire groups from the public sphere.  Millions would be physically removed.


11. Karen Hallion

Karen Hallion
Image: Facebook/Karen Hallion

“A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, and her name, Mother of Exiles.” Artist Karen Hallion has portrayed the statue of liberty as the mother of exiles, as Immortalized in the poem of Emma Lazarus, her arm wrapped around a Muslim woman who is holding her beacon of hope, depicting America’s solidarity with the immigrants.

12. Karyn Jimenez-Elliott

Karyn Jimenez Elliott

We keep hearing about Trump trying to evict all immigrants, yet have we forgotten that other than the descendants of Native Americans, we all carry the genes of immigrants. This awe-inspiring illustration by artist Karyn Jimenez Elliot depicts America’s solidarity with the immigrants by coloring the map of the United States black, with “we are all Immigrants” text inscribed on top in a grunge font to reflect the severity of the matter.

13. Risa Rodil

Risa Rodil
Image: Twitter/Risa Rodil

President Trump’s Mexico border wall plan and Muslim travel bans, all in a supposed attempt to protect our “national security”, are the culmination of an era of racial and ethnic discrimination. However, this amazing artwork by artist Risa Rodil strongly resists against the recent turn of events by portraying a shattered brick wall, with the text “No Ban No Wall” filling in the void!

14. Jess Doodles Thing

Jess Doodles Thing
Image: Tumblr/JessDoodleThings

The soul of America glows with the beautiful words of Emma Lazarus, inscribed below the Statue of Liberty. However, are we going to dim the torch and send the huddled masses to find breathing space somewhere else? As we so wary of the poor and tired? Are we willing to lose our soul? No. Not until the statue of Liberty still stands on its foundation, as it portrayed by the wonderful illustration by Jess Doodles Thing.

15. Elsinore Snores

Elsinore Snores

Immigrants belong to America and will not be subdued without putting up a fight, as is nicely illustrated by the artist Elsinore Snores.

16. Pat Bagley

Pat Bagley
Image: Twitter/Momentum Ox

As if the suspension of refugee approval wasn’t bad enough, United States is suspending every aspect of the process by which it vets refugees. Although America already has a stringent enough vetting process, which takes the better part of two years, it isn’t enough for President Trump. Recently, a five-year-old boy was held for five hours at the airport, and reportedly handcuffed because he could have been a “threat” to the United States. This heart-wrenching illustration by artist Pat Bagley embodies this paranoia to perfection, with the portrayal of a terrified and injured child bound and subjected to interrogation by the looming figure of President Trump.

17. Emad Hajjaj

Emad Hajjaj
Image: Cartoon Movement

Trump the antagonist is rightly depicted in this chilling illustration by artist Emad Hajjaj, with the unsettling, yet true, caption: The un-Islamic state of America.

18. Chappatte Cartoons

Chappatte Cartoons
Image: NY Times/Patrick Chappatte

Chappatte Cartoons has rightly portrayed the highly feared future of the United States: an unyielding fortress (or more rightly: the Trump Towers), with Trump having finished building the “Wall”. A Mexican man is trapped outside the infallible structure, with no hopes of ever crossing the threshold again.

19. Carlos Latuff

Carlos Latuff
Image: Mondoweiss

Having thrown the statue of Liberty in the water, the illustration by artist Carlos Latuff depicts Trump as the new symbol of the United States: one where the immigrants are not welcome to follow the lamp beside the golden door. In essence, Trump has literally flooded away the promise of the emblem; enlighten mankind to the noble ideals of freedom and equality that belong to each one.

20. Maria Capelle Frantz

Maria Capelle Frantz
Image: Twitter/Maria Capelle

Echoing the words engraved on a plaque on the inside pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, the artwork designed by Maria Capelle Frantz reminds immigrants of all that the Statue of Liberty stands for, boosting their strength and rekindling the fire of hope.

21. Farhan Ali

Farhan Ali
Image: Twitter/Farhan Ali

The strong illustration by artist Farhan Ali portrays a resolute priest behind barbed fences, barring the entry for Muslim immigrants. The image is supplemented by text “Muslim Entry Banned in United States”.

22. Amanda Penley

Amanda Penley
Image: Twitter/Amanda Penley

This powerful illustration by artist Amanda Penley shows that despite what the Trump administration wants people to believe, Immigration is not undermining the American experiment; it has become an indispensable part of it. We are a proud nation of immigrants and successive waves of immigrants has kept our country culturally enriched, demographically young, and added to our productive capacity as a nation, augmenting our influence in the world. Immigrants are not a threat, they are not a drain on American Economy; immigrants come here to live the American Dream, same as we did once.

23. Shazzbaa

Image: Twitter/shazzbaa

In the wake of the current debate about the status of immigrants living in the United States, Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament is regularly cited in defense of the foreigners. This deep and meaningful illustration by artist Shazzbaa reminds native-born Americans of the divine doctrine and how they are expected to treat the foreigners residing amongst them.

24. Murphy pop

Murphy pop
Image: Twitter/Murphypop

America welcomes people of all races, cultures, nationalities, colors, and descents, as is portrayed by the hand-drawn illustration of artist Murphy pop.

25. Dickens

Image: Twitter/Dickens

This deeply impactful illustration by artist Dickens portrays the Statue of Liberty as a reflection of myriad immigrants residing in the United States. By depicting a dark skinned, head covered, and bedecked with bangles Statue of Liberty, the illustration sends a powerful message; America belongs to all those who resides in it.

26. Nica Andor

Nica Andor
Image: Twitter/Nica

Being a universal symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty’s torch lights the way to freedom, showing us the path to Liberty and freedom from oppression. All wretched masses yearning to breathe free are welcomed by America with open arms. This heart-warming illustration by artist Nica Andor elucidates the purpose of the Statue of liberty and promises all immigrants that as long as the emblem looms over the American horizon, justice will be served.

27. Joe Nickell

Joe Nickell
Image: CenterForInquiry

This heart-wrenching illustration by artist Joe Nickell shows the statue of Liberty shedding a tear at the odious muslim ban sign impaled upon her headdress. According to thehill, after President Trump’s executive order (EO) was released, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said in a statement that “there are tears running down the cheeks of the Statue of Liberty tonight.”

28. Eoin Kelleher

Eoin Kelleher
Image: Twitter/Eoin Kelleher

The artist Eoin Kelleher has played on the original cartoon by British artist David Low, titled the “stepping stones to glory.” The cartoon insinuated that the only reason Hitler succeeded in achieving his foreign policy aims was the incapacity of the European leaders of democracy such as France and Britain to oppose his actions. This is alluded by the portrayal of these leaders as being ‘spineless’, with the illustration of Hitler walking to power by stepping over their backs. Here, Trump is shown to be following in the footsteps of Hitler.

29. David Horsey

Image: David Horsey/LA Times

The powerful illustration by artist David Horsey is a wakeup call; it shows us the deplorable future should Trump succeeds in his antics unhampered, and gives us every reason to stand up and fight. The illustrator has likened Donald Trump to Hitler and the American future to the Nazi era, where the Nazi elite forces used to wear the red band over their sleeves, while the Jews were forced to wear the sign of David as a way of identification. In the illustration, the bleak future of a “Great America” would entail no employment opportunities for immigrants, unlawful arrests and inquisitions of immigrants, and an unprecedented era of violence, bullying, and discrimination running rampant across the country. The image adds to the gore with Trump banners flying free from every nook and corner, showing his authority and control over all of us.

30. Melissa Jean

Melissa Jean Image: Twitter/Melissa Jean

While some people are simple watchers, artist Melissa Jean hasn’t only attended, but also commemorated through her art the myriad ongoing protests against the immigration ban. In addition to capturing the alacrity of the moment, she has preserved to perfection the various protest signs that caught her eye.

31. Miguel Cordova

Miguel Cordova
Image: Twitter/Miguel Cordova

The robed female figure of the Statue of Liberty bears a torch and a tabula Ansata in each hand. However, in light of the ongoing refugee ban and discrimination against immigrants, she is forced to uphold a call for “the wall” instead of the beacon and a support for the Muslim ban instead of her Tubula. The misery of the Statue of liberty is beautifully captured by the Conservative political cartoonist Miguel Cordova.

32. Atiq Shahid

Atiq Shahid
Image: Twitter/Atiq Shahid

The Statue of Liberty is altered in this morose illustration by artist Atiq Shahid in a way to send a message about protection and vulnerability. In this cartoon, the Statue of Liberty comes to represent America itself, providing shelter and protection for the immigrants at their most vulnerable moment. This cartoon plays on the idea of “Lady Liberty”; a guardian who will always keep them safe and secure. This message is further highlighted by the text inscribed on her robes; “I am immigrant too”.

33. Klier Cartoons

Klier Cartoons
Image: Twitter/Klier

In the wake of Trump’s immigration order, myriad people were pulled off planes overseas, barred from boarding flights, and those who had flown to the US were held at major airports. The unfortunate circumstances of the travelers from Muslim-majority countries being trapped in a dreadful limbo, are captured to perfection by Klier Cartoons. The illustration represents the dilemma through a man actually building “A wall” at the arrivals gate to avert travelers from entering the United States.

34. Mexican Judge

Mexican Judge
Image: Twitter/Mexican Judge

The glum illustration by Mexican Judge Shows the head-covered statue of Liberty being arrested for standing up for the immigrants it swore to protect, with her beacon of freedom and the tabula Ansata lying dejectedly forsaken by her side.

35. J.D. Crowe

J.D. Crowe
Image: Crowe

The utterly bleak future of America in the wake of a Trump administration is depicted in this illustration of the Statue of Liberty by artist J.D. Crowe. Her face is masked by a brown paper bag, and the inscriptions on her tablet have been changed to the words, “Trump immigration ban”. In addition, instead of her beacon shedding light of enlightenment, the beacon has been topped with the face of Trump.

36. Sabaaneh

Image: Twitter/Sabaaneh

The utterly austere illustration by artist Sabaaneh portrays the Statue of Liberty as being barred and fenced in with barbed wires making the nailed confines infallible. Despite the fail-safe structure, her hand is poking through as a sign of rebellion, holding high the beacon of enlightenment, boosting the strength and courage of the people it promises to protect.

37. Adam Zyglis

Adam Zyglis
Image: Twitter/Andrew Stroehlein

In a surprising announcement that left the world gaping in horror, the Trump administration actually announced that the iconic Statue of Liberty would be uprooted and replaced by the Statue of Bigotry honoring ‘America’s co-president’ Steve Bannon. The true purpose of the statue of liberty is to act as an emblem of universal freedom. With the Trump administration struggling to stifle freedom and liberty, the Statue is no longer needed, or in Trump’s own catch-phrase: She is fired!  This is depicted beautifully in the illustration by Adam Zyglis.

38. Angel Boligan

Angel Boligan
Image: Twitter/AngelBoligan

According to CNN, The executive order, titled “Protection of the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” would bring into action Trump’s promise to tighten security on borders and bar refugees from entering the United States.  In effect, this is depicted by artist Angel Boligan, in an illustration of Trump standing in a fortified structure, allowing white people to enter into his protection, while leaving the immigrant masses to their own fate.

39. Jeff Danziger

Jeff Danziger
Image: DanzigerCartoons

The illustration by artist Jeff Danziger rightly portrays the height of bias against the immigrants with the promotion of Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon as part of an overhaul of the National Security Council. Would-be czar Donald Trump and his scruffy Rasputin, Steve Bannon, seem to believe that they can run the world by edict, guided by nothing more than their own biases, whims and fantasies. Former officials describe the decision as an unprecedented politicization of decisions that could mean the difference between war and peace. In their delirious state of paranoia, even an innocent child washed up on the shore and lying unconscious is perceived as a probable threat to national security in the illustration above!

40. Sam Machado

Sam Machado
Image: Twitter/Sam Machado

Using the power of illustration and just three simple words, “I Got This” artwork is a spot-on depiction of what the fight against President Trump’s executive order on immigration appears to be. The political cartoon designed by Sousa and Sam Machado represents a blindfolded Lady Justice holding President Trump at arm’s length, despite his tantrums, next to a less-than-pleased looking Lady Liberty. Lady Justice is seen saying “I got this,” over her shoulder to Lady Liberty. This feminist take down of Trump represents the outrage, protest, and op-eds ensuing the absurd order.

41. Siers Cartoons

Siers Cartoons
Image: Secret Life of Lady Liberty

The illustration by Siers Cartoons perfectly embodies the horror of the Statue of Liberty at the recent turn of events. She is aghast and at a loss for words at the direction America is being steered towards.

42. Matt Bors

Matt Bors
Image: Twitter/MuslimIQ

This illustration by cartoonist Matt Bors appears to be a response to what some perceive as hypocrisy from the All Lives Matter proponents. While the advocates of “All Lives Matter” look down upon the “BLM” campaign, they themselves have strict notions about which “Lives” matter more than others.

43. Dow Phumiruk

Dow Phumiruk
Image: Twitter/DowPhumiruk

The heart-warming illustration by artist Dow Phumiruk pays ode to the mesmerizing words of Emma Lazarus, inscribed across the Statue of liberty. The image shows the kneeling female figure of the State of Liberty extending a hand out to an immigrant child, accentuated by the words: “This is our America.”

44. Pixel Occult

Pixel Occult
Image: Twitter/PixelOccult

David chase believes that love guards us against the loneliness and isolation of the cold universe. If we don’t have each other, what else do we have? The illustration by Pixel Occult makes you ask that question with the image of desolate immigrants left to their own fate, cast out in the cold and vast entirety of the universe, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.  

45. Katie Simrell

Katie Simrell
Image: Twitter/Katie Simrell

The hand-drawn illustration by artist Katie Simrell depicts a Muslim girl, with the America flag draped over her head, compounded by the powerful words: You belong.

Have you stumbled upon more amazing pieces of art speaking out against the odious state of affairs? Do let us know in the comments below!

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