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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 10 European Small Businesses All Set for Christmas! -

European Small Businesses

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European design market has progressed far ahead over time than most other continents. Their approach to graphic design is fresh, clean, and modern; just like their lifestyle. Some of the best designers are practicing minimalism and creating lively visuals using brightly colored backgrounds, brilliant hues, meaningful shapes, and precise angles.

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As the Holiday Season begins, people are enjoying it all over the world, taking great pleasure in all the shopping sprees, special discounts, online shopping, customized packaging designs of their favorite brands, special editions of their favorite magazines, logo and website customizations, and more. Social media is full of fun activities: polls, quizzes, and discussions, lots of videos, GIFs, and so on; where people keep a check on special Christmas offers from their trusted brands or from the ones they want to try. Brands, too, are rolling out festive campaign to enhance the engagement rate. They aren’t just focusing on social media platforms but also on their websites. Themes have been developed to captivate the audience with emotions such as joy, love, togetherness, and the best of all, a chance to save good money.

European websites, especially, are offering great deals for the Holiday season.  Currently, the world is enjoying the Hanukkah holidays. After that, there will be Christmas, and then the New Year.  With so many occasions to celebrate and a long period of holidays, every brand, be it a brick and mortar business or online, expects increased sales and does promotions in a likely manner. Good brands are aware of the trade secrets and use the science of Happy Design, while others have to strive harder to get more audience.

Keeping the struggle of small businesses in mind, we decided to bring you some interesting and fresh Christmas offers from the European market and show what they are doing on their websites. Enjoy the show. And yes, enjoy shopping with them. 😉

The Spanish Brands:

Spain is an exotic tourist destination. Doesn’t mean it’s any less in producing famous brands that become celebrated all over the world. People go there to unwind as well as to shop from the best retail brands known worldwide. You will notice that most of the businesses making offers are associated with leisure and tourism in one way or another.

• The Outlet Makeup

Ladies, this Christmas, your first choice gotta be this, i.e. The Makeup Outlet! Go, check out this online store offering great discount deals on pretty much everything. Be it your hair, makeup, or nails; this brands has it all – just for you.

• Lucasy Lopez

Lucasy Lopez studio offers photography services and is managed by a beautiful mother of two, Esther Lopez. This year, they presented 3 different deals of photography mini sessions, with or without the change of clothes, which ran between November 17 and December 5. However, the Christmas surprises aren’t over yet. They offer products with amazing packaging designs; which means that you get some excellent options for gifts this festive season.

• Sierra Huelva Rural

Sierra Huelva Rural serves in the tourism industry by providing safe accommodation at the scenic and ecologically rich location of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche (Huelva) Natural Park. They are a web of rural houses, cottages and farm house with a private pool available for rental purpose.

• Zaragoza Roymar

Roymar provides industrial supplies, hardware, kitchenware, paintings, and much more among the more than 20,000 products that they sell. The business is based in Zaragoza, Spain, since 1972; where they put great emphasis on customer service as it is the most important aspect of the company. For Christmas 2014, they have some amazing deals with perfect gift ideas and even better prices.

The Polish Brands:

Poland is generally considered as the best investment destination in Europe. In 2010, it was the only country within the European Union which could maintain a positive economic growth. They were probably able to do that because Poland is located in the heart of Europe, which means more than 250 million consumers within a 1000 km radius. Here are two Polish brands offering some amazing Christmas deals this year:

• Candida – Pracownia Dekoracji

Candida decoration workshop offers competent services and creative ideas that are in sync with the standards and latest trends of the global floristry. They adhere to the motto that flowers bring joy into our lives. Colors and lights are, therefore, indispensable elements of every important event. One of their services is to help hotels prepare Christmas decorations. For a special occasion like X-mas, you can treat your loved ones with warm and festive decorations with the services of Candida.

• Eurovita

The famous Polish chocolate manufacturer was founded in 1991 as Greenvita Sp. which got replaced with Terravita Sp. in 1999. From the earliest times, they have been offering two main categories of products: chocolate tablets and creams. They also offer a huge range of seasonal products for the occasions of Christmas and Easter.

The German Brands:

I once thought of learning the German language when I was considering an art school there but then got admission in a local school. After a few years, I got a chance to travel to Berlin and the place was so fascinating with all the hustle and bustle of culture, media, and politics that I instantly fell in love with it. The country is strategically positioned in the mid of world’s most active trading zones.  Here are some small-scale brands with interesting Christmas offers.

• Eleona

Annula Steidle is the owner of Eleona Natural Soaps where she produces pure handmade natural soups with herbs picked from her own garden. Basis of all the soups is extra virgin olive oil but the variety consists of soups made from quality plant oils, fine fragrances, spices, and natural herbs. For this year’s holiday season, they are making soups in Christmas shapes and scents and making them as sensuous as possible.

• Schönheits-Oase Tanja Bornhauser

The cosmetics studio was established in September 2009. In the last five years, it has thrived like anything and has acquired a good customer base as well as larger premises. Now the customers can purchase specially offered Christmas coupons for themselves and their loved ones.

The Danish Brands:

Denmark is a sovereign state that is located in Northern Europe. The official language Danish is very similar to Swedish and Norwegian, and helps in the economics dealings with its neighboring Scandinavian countries. The country thrives because of the lowest level of income inequality and world’s highest minimum wage. Obviously, the web-ready businesses are also doing well, especially, the ones sharing the holiday season joy with us.


Milla-Petit offers a wide selection of genuine Italian Bags produced in genuine calf leather of excellent quality. The three main categories available are women business bags, travel bags and weekend bags, and ladies/men’s bags. For Christmas this year, they are offering over 30% discount on their featured products.

• Xenobia

The Xenobia brand was founded in 1996 in the heart of Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark. It provides offers and services in the beauty and skin-care industry, and stores products from leading brands Lisbeth Dahl, including a variety of gift ideas. They are ready to make your Christmas gorgeous with a couple of treatments and a huge range of products and interesting gift ideas.

It’s hardly a day before Christmas now so hurry up before it’s too late to book an appointment or buy a gift for your family. It’s easier to find things on the internet these days, so if you come across any other interesting brands offering attractive New Year deals, please do suggest. Merry Christmas! J

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