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12 Cardinal Rules For Harmonious Color Schemes -

Color schemes are to design what oxygen is to living things – indispensable. And just as we are told to avoid noxious gases, there are certain things that people need to know when they want to choose remarkable color schemes for their marketing collateral. Be it a logo, website, brochure, poster and any other piece of promotional graphic, some tried-and-tested rules for color schemes will ensure that your final product ends up looking slick, sleek and polished.

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It’s about making the right connection with your target audience. It’s about attracting without been off-putting. It’s about making the commercial and the creative aspects coexist in the same universe. As you can surmise from all this, getting a color scheme that gels well with your brand is crucial. We do know how color theory affects the human brain and what kind of emotions they invite from the viewer.

Using the ‘right’ combo of colors goes a long way to reinforce your brand perception. That is why designers take their time and consult a smattering of sources when they get to mix and match colors. Until they strike the optimum visual balance, well, it’s back to the drawing board for them.

Here’s an infographic that up-and-coming designers can take advantage of whilst they choose the right colors for the right purpose:

12 Cardinal Rules For Harmonious Color Schemes

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