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8 Brand Identity Trends to be Watchful of -

Trends come and go. And when it comes to brand identity, they become timeless. Logo designs are a case in point. While the success of a brand does depend on the value that it provides to customers, its identity is what consumers will ultimately relate to. The most talented designers know this for a fact.

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That is the power of designing a memorable logo. Think of legendary digital representations like Apple Inc’s bitten apple logo, the Starbucks mermaid and the golden arches that form the ‘M’ for McDonalds. These brands are successful and their logos reflect that success. However, each of these logos has also undergone several upgrades in order to relate to the temperament of audiences from every age. In this way, a logo integrates a brand’s marketing efforts into a single unifying image.

This is also why the designers of today are always looking for new ways to make their designs stand out. The designs must be flashier and more with the times. They must be unique. And most important of all, they must have a purpose. Logos have a significant effect on a company’s brand. Whether that effect is positive or negative depends on how successful a brand is.

What makes people fall for a logo? What are the trends that govern brand identity in this day and age? Here are eight that have been making the rounds in design circles.

8 Brand Identity Trends 2016

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