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Branding Guide For Travel Agencies -

The job of a travel agency is to grab the best deals for their clients for the best destinations possible. With the rat race pace of life and the scarcity of time for leisure, vacations are more prized than ever, with customers willing to scout out a viable travel agency to turn their hard-earned holidays into a vacation of a lifetime and allow them to garner the most out of their travels. Communicating your dedication to fulfilling that goal and coming good on your promise is paramount to success, and this is where branding plays a vital role.

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With the proliferation of travel agents swarming the market, it’s vital to set yourself apart and leave a mark. Whether you are an individual tour operator or a travel company specializing in myriad travel destinations, you cannot hope to succeed by being another faceless name in the crowd. When you have a powerful brand image, it serves to show clients that you have their best interests at heart.

The fast paced nature of the travel industry entails bringing new concepts to the table and encourages innovation to survive. You want to be the travel agency that springs instantly to the minds of the customers when they are thinking about booking their vacations, and for that, a lot of elements go into designing the perfect lure. Branding travel business in the age of disruption makes sure your message effectively reaches the customers who are already overwhelmed with the flood of information. Be it designing professional travel logos, business cards, or running social media campaigns, the following Infographic portrays all the juicy secrets of developing a winning brand image so that you can incite a spirit of wanderlust in your clients, and help them delve in to the fullest.


Branding Elements For Travel Agencies

  1. Typography
  2. Business Card
  3. Brochure
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Tagline
  6. Logo Design
  7. Color
  8. Web Design

Branding Guide For Travel Agencies


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