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15 Automobile Logos For Electric Cars -

When we think of automobile manufacturing, we don’t necessarily picture an environment and climate-friendly scenario. Carbon emissions, gases, and harmful fuel are the usual images that pop into our heads.

However, electric cars are primed and ready to change that. Below you will find 15 of the world’s most efficient electric car manufacturing that is already changing how we get ourselves to places. As pioneers of next-gen automobile manufacturing, these companies have launched their electric car divisions with next-level design thinking. Their visual identities – automobile logos – are sleeker, sharper, and belong to the future.

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You will find a lot of green and blue in here – symbols of nature – to show the brand’s sustainability towards world’s ecosystems. Most of the logo shapes are geometric and angular, not only as an ode to hundreds of years of car manufacturing design but also to show connection to electricity and electric charge. However, some brands, like KIA, use an organic shape like the flow of water or descent of a field. For KIA’s e-Soul brand, this shape looks absolutely natural and on-point.

This harmony between nature and technology is a dominant and recurring theme in electric car and automobile logo ideas. A deeper understanding of colors, shapes, and typography will help you strike the perfect balance in such designs. Getting the shade of the color exact right, choosing a shape that is closest to your brand vision and tying it all together with a typeset that is unapologetically futuristic and modern.

You will also see wordmark logos for some electric car brands. From a design point of view, it is a smart move. Not only it looks stylish and modern, it also helps the audience recognize and remember the brand name. Wordmark logos are also easy to use as specific model names at the rear of the car. It also improves brand recognition and familiarity with the audience.

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To master these designs, your first task is going to be understanding whether a pictorial mark or a wordmark will suit the brand most. Consult your client’s vision for the brand and the next ten years to decide upon a pictorial mark or a typographical mark. You also need to keep space for design’s evolution so it can progress more organically without any dramatic turns.

15 Automobile Logos

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