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10 Brand-Savvy Sports Celebs And Their Modish Brand marks! -

Ever used nicknames for your favorite sports celebrity? You must have, just like millions of fans around the world! It doesn’t matter which sports you follow or which sports person dwells in your heart, the world at large wouldn’t know about them till they excel in their chosen field and then represent themselves with the most effective marketing strategies possible.

Companies like Nike, sponsor players and launch sports shoes/clothing series in their names; turning them into unique and famous athlete brands the world over. Take, for example, Lebron James, who is currently the world’s number one, most valuable, athlete brand on the Forbes Fab 40. His total brand value is estimated $37 million which is a solid 10 million raise from 2013. All in all, he is NBA’s biggest marketing star who earned a huge sum of $53 million from endorsers like Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Upper Deck.

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Then we have Roger Federer, who enjoys a third position on the same list of Forbes Fab 40, with a total brand value of $32 million in 2014. He has secured several long-term deals with companies like Nike, Credit Suisse, Rolex, and others which collectively pay him over $40 million per year. Other players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi, and Rafael Nadal are also part of the top 10, the crème de la crème, of the Fab 40 earning big bucks.

Now, where even a small scale business may have misconceptions about designing logos, it is cannot survive without a good logo identity, do you think that an athlete brand could work without an amazing brand mark? Absolutely not! Even if they don’t need one as a sportsperson, they need it to promote their products through advertising and distinctive design. Following are 10 sports celebs and their outstanding brand identities. Review and share!

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