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Break The Color Trends: 28 Logo Colors That Are Too Old To Be New! -

Haven’t you thought how stale and boring certain brands get over a period of time, using that same old hackneyed color scheme for what seems like an eternity?

Looks like we the consumers have felt that way about our favorite brands every now or then. I mean you know what they say about change right?

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Yes. There’s no arguing with change. For global brands that have become recognizable over decades (Nike, McDonalds, BMW, etc.) even the most tiniest of changes in their choice of color can have wide ranging repercussions. They may attract some pretty vocal hate or they can succeed in attracting a new generation of fans and brand loyalists based on the choices that logo designers take with long-standing logos.

We envision such a scenario here, where existing brand logos have their color palettes changed, ushering in new color trends in the process. Make no mistake here, these color choices were deliberated upon and intelligently chosen to give the old brand logos a chance to shine again. Color theory and its effect on brand recognition were considered in this exercise to ensure the most natural change of colors. You can view them in this handy little infographic here:

Break The Color Trends: 28 Logo Colors That Are Too Old To Be New!

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