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Designer vs. Non-Designer

There is a huge difference between how designers and non-designers view art. Where a designer would be able to name at least a100 out of the 285 known shades of Red; a non-designer would only recognize it as Red: the color of passion. There is no comparison of skill and design knowledge between the two, and we’ll tell you why in a bit. It’s true that good aesthetic sense comes naturally to some people, but a professionally trained graphic designer has a gradually nurtured, experienced, and shrewd design sense, qualification, and familiarity with the whole process that takes place before, during and after the creation of a design project.

This difference of awareness between a designer and non-designer leads to much confusion on the client’s part and frustration on the designer’s. When non-designers impose their own ideas and creativity on a designer, he feels helpless and annoyed at the lack of cooperation from his client’s side. For instance, a person who likes gaudy designs might hire a designer who would suggest a minimalist approach for the required results. Now who do you think gets the KISS right, client or designer? Similarly there are hundreds of such big and small differences that make a designer what he is.

Following is a short infographic that delineates the way designers and non-designer differ in their analyses of art. Here is what each of them sees in a design:

Designer Vs NonDesigner

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