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Grid System: The Invisible Glue To Hold Together Your Web Design -

Your imagination and creativity is unlimited and is oozing out-of-the-box ideas at the particular moment. You need to pen down your ideas, but where? You need a surface, a platform, or a paper. Shall it be a digital canvas or a paper? Yes, a digital canvas would do for now. So much ideas and so much space. Where should I start writing? To the right, center, or to the top?

In the frenzy to jot down your ideas, you sometimes lose your train of thoughts and end up staring at the blank paper or whatever platform you’re using. What could’ve been your best idea is now just a memory you can’t even remember. But look on the bright side; you’ve still got the paper and your creative mind. Draw some lines here and some there and voila! You’ve created a grid, which can be used to guide your inspirational process. As a graphics designer, if you happen to paint your thoughts on web design, don’t forget to use a grid system.

A grid is made up of horizontal and vertical lines. It is a tool you can use to develop rhythm, fluidity, consistency, and order in your work without the fear of having it overlapped. With a grid at hand, the designer can produce his greatest feat. What’s more, it doesn’t affect your design process and its outcome, but rather, enhances it.

So, a grid isn’t just a set of lines to guide your website; it’s a whole system with different components. In fact, there are several types of grids depending on the type of design you’re employing it for. Let’s start with the basics first. With the lines arranged on the horizontal and vertical planes, you can add graphics and texts on your page. You can find grids from simple to complex in various shapes and sizes, which depends on the complexity of your design. The basic framework for a grid is same and composed of similar elements regardless of the simplicity of your grid.

If I’m working on my design over a grid, it might make my webpage look bad, wouldn’t it? As a matter of fact, no. The grid is only visible to the designer and invisible to everyone else. It’s just the digital epoxy you would want to hold your web design elements. The infographic below will provide you every inch of the information you need to know about the grid and its potential superglue properties.

Grid System

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