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14 User Facts Every UX Designer Should Know -

The question of “what constitutes a good UX designer?” can fuel a debate raging on for eternity, but according to us, the most imperative attribute that a UX designer can exude is the art of understanding people in general, and users in particular. Sounds relatively simple, right? Except that, it’s not. Every user is a unique person with a different way of thinking and a diverse perspective. Therefore, a successful UX designer should be adapt at managing the expectations of users. They should be able to leverage empathy to their advantage in comprehending the needs of the users before coming up with a creative solution to their dilemmas such as picking up a logo design or implementing a successful navigation structure for their website.

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The UX designer of a website holds the key to the ability of their website to meet and balance both the business needs and user needs. They can anticipate the sweet tooth where the business achieves its long-term and short-term goals, and users get whatever they aspired for in an engaging and positive manner. A successful UX designer should be able to see their web design through the lens of an actual user to be able to enhance the user experience of the viewers and boost engagement. Things start to go down the drain when UX designers start assuming that website users behave and think like they do.

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We know that user-centric design is king when it comes to user experience. Therefore, to help budding UX designers get to grips with the mindset of their users, here are 14 facts about users that all UX designers should be aware of:

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