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16 Reasons Why Your Website Is So Slow -

Have you ever experienced your browsing arrow go round and round and it seems like taking a lifetime to open a certain website. You can actually make a week’s plan in the meantime. Ever wondered what the real crux of the problem is. Well, there might be many hindering your efforts to be an internet speedy monster.

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When optimizing the speed of a sales business website, it is important to bear in mind some highly essential factors. Even if you do not have any issues with your website’s speed, there always is a room for improvement like making a responsive design for your website.

There have been numerous surveys done in this regard with nearly all of them claiming that web users are impatient and with a plethora of websites at their disposal they expect a website to load in about two seconds and get distracted to other websites within three seconds.

So, what does it mean? Your multi-dollar effort is going down the drain if you’re losing conversions from your current visitors and it can largely be increased if your visitors’ friends are relying on their feedback. So, why lose lots of potential clicks just because of a few seconds difference.

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And do not forget the Google factor because the internet giant does care about the speed of your website. The search engine does not find a website especially when it is slow to load. No matter how good your content is and how much SEO oriented it is, if it lacks a good loading speed, you are going to witness a sudden fall in the rankings and you lose the credibility to remain on top of Google’s search list resulting in less number of people reaching to your site.

In its experiment while accounting for loading times. Google asked online users – would you rather see 10 or 30 results for your Google search? The users unanimously decided on 30 results per page. When Google performed a loading between 10 and 30 result pages, they found that it was only half a second. If that’s the kind of difference users get for 30 results, imagine the results they would then get if a whole second or two were taken out of the load time equation.

Why your website is slow

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  1. awesome infographics, great insights. Hosting, over size images, java script & css are common reason for website to get slow. What you think?

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