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8 Distinct Shades of Helvetica -

Helvetica is known as, “The Swiss Knife of Fonts”. Its beauty lies in its diverse spectrum of weights and widths. Also, the fact that Helvetica appears austere and readable even in its lightest and heaviest of font sizes is one of its most distinct attributes.

The font is the brainchild of the typography designer, Max Miedinger and it came into being in 1957. Soon after its venture into the world, it rose up to reach the highest echelons of the typographic order to become one of the most popular fonts ever known to have existed.

Today, it is one of the most loved fonts by the designers and typographists and can be seen on almost every other sign, slogan, or billboard. Helvetica, in fact, is adored by designers so much that it has even earned itself the label of being a “hipster” font.

Moreover, much of the font’s appeal comes from its neutrality and its timelessness. The font can be used to express almost anything. Its lighter weights can be used to express love while its bolder and heavier weights to express hatred and animosity.

View more on the different shades of Helvetica and let us know what you think of the font.

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