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The Art of Logo Design: A Go-To Guide For Retail Startups -

The Art of Logo Design

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Whether you are a reputable organization or a startup, a good logo identity is imperative for a business to flourish. If you discover the benefits of a good logo design, you would always try to find the most perfect representation of your company for the customers. You would go to any lengths to get a convincing logo design that would reflect the true essence of your company’s ideology and vision, and at the same time, adhere to the industry standards.

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Most entrepreneurs would think that such a logo can only be achieved by hiring a professional design studio or a hotshot logo designer. Wrong! A good personalized logo that suits both your fancy and your pocket can easily be attained by using a credible online logo maker. Literally, we have found this tool extremely useful for businesses worldwide as it does not become a burden on one’s pocket and gives wings of freedom to their own creative bug. Indubitably, DIY logo maker is exactly what small businesses need today!

DIY Design & Customization of Logos!

The perks of using an online logo maker are innumerable. For instance, it showcases how clearly an entrepreneur understands his own field of work or industry. For example, if you are a CEO of a new startup and you need a logo design for your business, you would start looking for suitable options to get the work done by some professional. During that search, you come across this new concept of self-creating a logo via an online logo generator. You log on to a website, get registered, read the terms and conditions, and are all set to create what you think your logo should look like. Since you didn’t hire another professional to do it, the task now relies on your shoulders to choose everything from colors to symbols and the text font. You feel an almost childlike excitement playing with the color palette. This is the moment when not only your aesthetic sense comes forward but also your knowledge and understanding of the business. If, for instance, you are opening a retail store; try finding a symbol that gives a feel of comfortable shopping, reliable purchase, or marketplace frenzy, etc. But the color scheme should be one that resonates with people of all age groups.

Industry Favorite Retail Symbols

The above image demonstrates some of the typical choices for a retail store logo design. There can be many variations for each of these designs. More variety can be incorporated by adding interesting tag lines along with store names. The ubiquitous use of Helvetica and Arial fonts is evident from most of the retail logos we see nowadays. Be it GAP, Sears, Staples, or Target; most of the top twenty retail logos are all ruled by the mighty Helv-Aria duo. No wonder, we are bombarded by typographic monotony in the US retail sector. If the big brands can’t convey an exclusive hand lettered logo identity then why would a startup bother while joining the circus?

Nonetheless, some of our biggest retail stores have come up with some unique signs to be recognized with. No matter, how trite and uninspiring their typography is, and how much they overlook the ten commandments of typography, they have thought out of the box while incorporating the symbols.

The Hot Logo Ideas in Retail

Like I said earlier, a good logo design is the embodiment of a company’s vision and philosophy. Just take the logo of Target. It is so famous that people living in other countries, people who have never even visited the store, easily recognize it. Why? Well, the unique name is one thing but the symbol is also so literal and so universal that anybody can relate to it in a matter of seconds, whereas, the strong color makes it hard to forget. So without using a clichéd symbol of a shopping cart or bag, they communicate their values with the customers.

This makes logo creation even more feasible through an online logo maker. Once an organization finalizes the concept and message of its logo, they can find multiple samples of their desired symbol which can be further customized by choosing from a range of interesting typefaces and colors. By using a unique combination of color, typeface, and symbol; they can create an outstanding logo all by themselves. This is one of the reasons why a Logo maker can take over a logo designer any day!

A DIY logo generation tool could be extremely useful when you have a limited budget. It not only gives you loads of customization options but is also less expensive. Just by spending a few bucks, you could get yourself a great logo design without the hassle of explaining things to another person or team of designers. There is no miscommunication, no disappointment, no delays, and the feel of having created something is quite gratifying for a non-designer. However, you should definitely get the feedback of your friends and colleagues who you trust as having a fine aesthetic sense.

Here is a presentation created by DesignMantic to promote awareness regarding quality logo design. I have collected some logos to give insight on the things that should be kept in mind and the mistakes that should be avoided by entrepreneurs while making brand strategy and planning a logo. Make sure that your own logo doesn’t fall prey to an epic design failure. Here you go!

5 Logo Design Mistakes You Need To Learn From…

I once found a photo of an incredibly designed taco shop on Pinterest. Its caption read: “If the food is as thoughtfully prepared as the design/interior, then the tacos must be something pretty delicious.” This is essentially the best explanation why design and branding needs to be carefully planned by every business.

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Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. He has been working in the social media space since 2008, with a focus on design services, user interface planning, branding and more. Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns. Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects.

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