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13 Logo Mistakes
Logo Design 4 Apr 2018

13 Logo Design Mistakes To Dodge At All Costs

Ugh! Is that even a logo?! What are they trying to do? Make the business or kill it? Didn’t the designer notice the poor spelling, the horrid font, the cringe-worthy ...

Egg Decors
Trending Events 29 Mar 2018

15 Jolly Egg Decors To Liven Your Easter

Do you love egg rolling, egg hunting or importantly, brightly decorated eggs? If you’re questioning the egg love here, it’s because nothing could possibly get us giddier ...

Typography 26 Mar 2018

Typesetting: The Art Of Placing Text On A Page

Mastering which fonts to use is merely the first of many steps that go into graphic designing. You also need to learn about tracking, kerning and leading among other elements ...

Car Finance Logo
Logo Design 15 Mar 2018

Why Car Finance Logos Are Blue Or Green?

Importance Of Color Psychology Any graphic designer or marketing professional worth their salt will tell you the importance of colors in marketing and branding. Colors convey a specific message to ...

Grow Website Traffic
Web Design 12 Mar 2018

10 Unusual Ways To Grow Your Website Traffic

If you’re here right now reading this, it means you have supposedly tried just about everything in your power to attract traffic over to your website. We completely sympathize with you ...