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hillary vs trump
Trending Events 24 Oct 2016

Hillary Vs. Trump: Who Is Winning The Design Battle

The age old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, masks the conspicuous connection between substance and presentation. While people say that looks don’t matter, design has ...

Negative Space Logos
Logo Design 20 Oct 2016

The Positive Side Of Negative Space Logo Designs

The trend of employing negative space in logo designs helps set harmony and establish balance between various design elements, which is especially beneficial in logos that leverage type ...

creative think
Graphic Design 17 Oct 2016

10 Lesser-Known Facts About Creative Thinkers!

While creativity is what nurtures and keeps the human society flourishing, science offers little if any answers as to how the infinitely complex and intricate minds of creative people function. ...

Logo Designs
Logo Design 28 Sep 2016

Industry Based Logo Designs For Small Businesses

While the industry sector has become so focused on cultivating customer relationships and boosting ROIs, brand building strategies take a backseat in the end. However, certain small businesses are realizing ...