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Graphic Design 25 May 2015

Designing In The Social Era

Are you a designer? And are you looking for a way to ensure that your design work is the digital equivalent of a social butterfly; that is, that ...

15 May 2015

The Branding Bible: Logo Design Explained

No business can survive without a known brand name in this social media age. Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Pinterest pins, and the list of channels that are available ...

Logo Maker 12 May 2015

Online Logo Maker vs. Logo Designer

If you’re a serial entrepreneur, chances are that you are often searching for a good logo designer, one who is reliable (as well as affordable) enough to handle ...

Designer Guide 8 May 2015

Designer vs. Non-Designer

There is a huge difference between how designers and non-designers view art. Where a designer would be able to name at least a100 out of the 285 known ...