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Branding 31 May 2013

Tips to Stop Your Brand from a Decline

The more significance a thing has in your life or career, the more difficult it is to attain or practice. From owning the perfect ...

Wedding Monograms
Wedding Monograms 12 Apr 2013

20 Elegant Examples of Wedding Monograms

I’m sure most of you are well acquainted with the term “monogram”. However, for those of you, who don’t have a clear idea of what monograms are, allow me to ...

Costs of Famous Logos
Logo Design 10 Apr 2013

Top 10 Rebranding Costs of Famous Logos

In this day and age, companies from every industry (be it pharmaceutical, engineering, media etc) must keep up with the changes occurring in the business world, in order to ensure ...

Logos of Famous Brands
Logo Design 2 Apr 2013

20 Funny Honest Logos of Famous Brands

Commercial branding strategies reflect the foresight and worth of a brand. They earn it a perpetual recognition in the customers’ minds. It is important for a logo to reflect the ...

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