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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 10 Resumes And Portfolio Sites To Kickstart Your Graphic Design Career! -

Featured image: Dribbble/VivienBocquelet

Fancy your branding and designing skills and think you’ve got what it takes to rival the very best in the industry? Want to let your Weird design or commercial design skills work do all the talking for you when you apply at places?

Self-promotion is a pretty important aspect that ensures a graphic designer’s adeptness at combining design, branding and messaging is second to none. You want to reach the peak of your career whether it’s as an Art Director at a prestigious firm or your own freelancing design company.

It’s here that you realize that nothing burnishes your credentials like a resume. So go ahead, make sure that resume isn’t just text and formatting but a springboard of your designing chops made expressive. Typography helps in making that resume though a lot more also goes into it. Your way of showing the world of the marvels that you can conjure to astound, attract and compel people. Show off your personal brand with a well-crafted self-promotion strategy that a vehicle to mesmerize one and all.

• Incredibly Zany Resume Designs From The Best

 So let’s take a look at some graphic designers who have made resumes that are sure to keep recruiters obsessing over its details even though their decision to hire you is as good as done.

1. Kenny Barela’s Out-of-this-world Info Resume Design

For a resume that screams top-of-the-line look no further than Kenny Barela’s resume-cum-infographic example. Talk about promoting yourself to the zenith.

Out-of-this-world Info Resume Design

2. Samuel Profeta’s Artful Package Design

An excellent array of color choices greet you as you glance at Samuel Profeta’s delightfully colorful resume that can also work as a package for a consumer product.

Artful Package Design

3. Tibor Brink’s Crisp, Clear and Pictographic Resume

If clarity and minimalist pictorial elements are what you want going for your resume, look no further than Tibor Brink’s sleek design. It’s designed to put information in the most readable and concise manner, without sacrificing information in the process.

Crisp, Clear and Pictographic Resume

4. Vidar Olufsen’s Secret Agent Styled Resume Design

Love James Bond and other spy action flicks? Then you’ll get a kick out of Vidar Olufsen’s decidedly vintage folder resume design that mimics a folder with classified information.

Secret Agent Styled Resume Design

5. Amber Van Mieghem’s Folded Resume Design

A foldable type resume, where every unfolded piece reveals information about a person. This highly conceptual yet practical resume design by Amber is bound to be a smash hit with recruiters and other designers.

Folded Resume Design

6. Teesha Masson’s Guide to Self-Branding Resume

The best resumes out there say a lot of stuff about you with far less. Teesha’s creative resume design takes the adage ‘show, not tell,’ to its best conclusion, leaving your designing chops do most of the speaking for you.

Guide to Self-Branding Resume

7. Adrianna Napiorkowski’s Self-Promotional Resume Design Pack

Talk about putting your own personal style and touch into the resume design. This one by Adrianna is oozing with her values and hand-made sensibilities that’s equal times wholesome and traditional.

Self-Promotional Resume Design Pack

8. Lenka Kubisova’s Graphic Designer Resume

You’re in the business of making graphics come alive. Why not weave this aspect of visual communication in your resume design too? That’s exact the approach that Lenka has adopted for her minimal and grayscale resume that speaks a thousand words about her expertise.

Lenka Kubisova

9. Anton Yermolov’s Newspaper inspired Resume Design

You know whats easy to pick up and read? Newspapers! And what happens when you combine the newspaper format with a resume design like Anton Yermolov did? A deeply compelling resume that deserves to be consumed as any newspaper content would.

Newspaper inspired Resume Design

10. Noemi Bugli’s ‘Follow that Line’ Resume

Human curiosity is a strange thing. But hey, it does work wonders for you, especially when you see how Noemi’s curiously laid-out resume design works out for you as you unfold it step-by-step.

Follow that Line Resume

• Sharing Your Creatively Bleeding Edge Portfolio & Resume Designs

These resume designs push the envelope in creatively interesting ways. As a designer, it could get you some crazy traction if you get the power of social media on your side. Some of the best sites to get your designs up and imminently share-able include:

1. Dribble

It’s not only the coolest places on the internet to showcase your portfolio, but also one of the most credible and popular website out there for artists in this online age. Don’t miss this one folks.


2. Behance

One of the most dependable and robust portfolio-hosting websites out there, Behance automatically gets the spot for hosting your portfolio online.


3. Coroflot

Create your portfolio. Upload. And profit as you get noticed by decision makers at Coroflot.


4. Bleidu

Showcase your professional portfolio the way it’s meant to be – presentable and sleek. Bleidu will help you reach an audience with its easy to use portfolio website builder tool that requires no design or coding skills.


5. Cargo Collective

Your very own personal platform for showcasing your talents online, Cargo is the place where you can feature your wares in the proper context.

cargo collective

6. Carbonmade

Looking for the most simple and hassle-free portfolio maker for your projects online? Carbonmade is exactly what the doctor ordered. This platform gives you crazy quick upload times to get your portfolio up and running over the internet.


There’s no escaping the fact that your resume serves as the gateway to the opportunity that awaits you out there. And what better way to get in touch with the decision makers and recruiters than designing a creative resume and hosting it online to have a wider viewership notice you. Let your creativity do the heavy duty lifting for you here folks.

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Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. He has been working in the social media space since 2008, with a focus on design services, user interface planning, branding and more. Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns. Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects.

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