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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 20 Artisanal Graphic Designers You Would Love To Chase On Social Media -

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Social media – the birthplace of globalization, online marketing, and techno revolution among the list of all other things that we didn’t mention. Why didn’t we mention them? Because if we did, we wouldn’t be able to get an inch closer to mentioning the graphic designers, whom you’d love to chase – not in your dreams but on social media instead.

Anyhow, when we talk about graphic designers particularly active on popular social media platforms, every designer tends to differentiate himself from the other. It’s all due to social media that you get to see graphic designers of all sorts, such as neo-pop artists, punk designers, and even the socially awkward hermits who have a distinct taste for art and design. All of them need to be recognized, to be appreciated, to be entitled to their efforts, and to be loved for their uniqueness. That isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

We believe what these designers believe, and we’re going to stand by their sides to recollect the symphony of their captivating designs. To your surprise, we’re honored to present you with a list of 20 present-day creatives who might be just the people you need for inspiration. Not only can you know what’s going on in the design world but also new tricks and tidbits to fill up your design senses. And who doesn’t like pro inspiration for free, huh?

1. Stefan Sagmeister

A renowned name who bashed the graphic design dimension is no other than Stefan Sagmeister. He founded his studio, Sagmeister & Walsh, in collaboration with Jessica Walsh in New York, and since then, has been favored by the heavens. Some of his epoch-making works include the poster for Set the Twilight Reeling and AIGA Detroit. With more than 20 years in the field, Sagmeister is a polished gem, which couldn’t be ignored in the daylight.

@suenos_guajiros writes: It is the chair my grandfather used to sit in during his last years. My family is from Acapulco in Mexico, and this object represents the beautiful moments that I've shared with my family, my friends, and my country. I've brought 2 of these chairs to my apartment in New York.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ For an upcoming S&W project on beauty, please do send us the most beautiful thing you can think of. It should be human made, ⠀ – like an object, a piece of architecture or a city. Please no nature pictures, animals or beautiful people. Please do include a short description and your IG address. ⠀ ⠀ Please mail a .jpeg or .mov file featuring either a white or black background to:

A post shared by stefan sagmeister (@stefansagmeister) on

Other than Instagram, you can also follow Sagmeister on Twitter to see what he is concocting these days.

2. Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill is a UK-based graphic artist, designer, and printmaker, whose modern and trendy works have been added to the permanent collections across museums in the UK and around the globe.

May 14th @fedrigoni_uk #fedrigoni365

A post shared by Anthony Burrill (@anthonyburrill) on

You might want to follow him on Twitter if you want to take a closer look at the background scenes behind each of his ongoing projects.

3. Timothy Goodman

Yet another star in the field, Timothy Goodman makes sure each of his art pieces displays his passion and creative thinking. Plus, this fun-loving chap is a serial illustrator, who has also won several awards for his blogs and books ’40 Days of Dating’ and ’12 Kinds of Kindness’. Moreover, Goodman is also an assistant professor at the School of Visual Arts, NYC.

What’s more, you can check out his Twitter where he shares his favorite Disney quotes and thoughts on art.

4. Cyrene Quiamco

Starting her journey from being a web designer to a full-time Snapchat success, Cyrene Quiamco aka CyreneQ turned her 10-second snaps into making $500,000 a year. She left her job to work as a creative and started by drawing celebrity selfies in her snaps, which attracted a good deal of attention. This led her to collaborate with various brands and here she’s now: a snappy graphic designer living her dream!

#vydiatakessxsw #sxsw

A post shared by Snapchat CyreneQ (@cyreneq) on

You can also check out her Twitter for more news and updates!

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5. Josh Smith

Josh Smith is the Partner and Creative Director of Fictive Kin. Previously he worked with Collins as a Design Director, served at Hyperakt as the Creative Director, and was the Vice President of AIGA.

Designer belonging to any part of experience and age level will find his Twitter account full of information and support for others.

6. Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is the ‘Walsh’ in the ‘Sagmeister &Walsh’ design studio. She’s an art director, a graphic designer, and a color aficionado. What’s more, Forbes featured her as one of the ’30 under 30 top creative designing the future’. Another interesting thing about Jessica is her collaboration in the book ’40 Days of Dating’ with Timothy Goodman. She’s a high-end designer, who has serviced The New York Times, Barney’s, Levi’s, Jay-Z and a lot many.

The best thing is, she is free to follow on Twitter if you’d like to learn more about her and from her.

7. Alex Bogusky

People like Alex Bugosky never get tired of taking their career to the next level. Our designer here is a prominent name in design, marketing, and book authorship. He started by joining Crispin and Porter advertising agency in 1989 and after about 20 years, he became a partner with the company as he transformed it into the world’s leading agency. In 2010, he was mentioned as the ‘Creative Director of the Decade’. Later, Bogusky founded Fearless Unlimited and has produced several projects, such as Boomtown Boulder, COMMON, and MadeMovement etc.

Either visit his site or follow him on Twitter, you can view past his experiences and get a clearer image of Bogusky’s works.

8. Joy Cho

Joy Cho is a graphic designer and a founder of the brand ‘Oh Joy’, which blends design, inspiration, and creative art into lifestyle products. Her eight years into struggling with a small vision finally turned up to be the brand it is today. Plus she authored 3 books in a row and has managed to give business advice to hundreds across the globe. What got Joy so joyous? Her will and motivation to keep moving!

If you need some inspiration and fresh ideas from her, don’t forget to follow her on Twitter, and Instagram.

9. Laurent Fetis

The art and design by Laurent Fetis incorporates rich elements of luxury and blends them well. He started his studio in 1999, after which he collaborated with another artist Sarah Martinon in 2012.

A post shared by Laurent Fetis (@laurentfetis) on

If you ever come across his Twitter account, you’ll find him posting about his links and creative projects revolving around luxury and a unique art sense.

10. Riley Cran

If you’re a fan of historical art merged with fresh and contemporary design, then you better rush to Riley Cran. He’s a recognized graphic designer, type designer, and a lettering artist. He also manages his digital type foundry, Lost Type, which he co-founded in 2011.

Plus, you can find his projects on Instagram to check out the cool vibes that they give.

11. Chip Kidd

As fantastic as his name sounds, Chip Kidd is an NYC-based graphic designer from whom you can expect unique and out-of-the-box book cover designs. His passions swells up to the heights of innovation, which have fetched him an AIGA award for the best graphic designer in 2014. Currently, Chip works for Penguin Random House. Plus, he’s designed book covers for some notable authors, such as Charles Schulz, Frank Miller, John Updike, and Bret Easton Ellis among many others.

Yes, I suppose it does…

A post shared by Chip Kidd (@chip_kidd) on

Make sure you follow Chip on Twitter and keep track of his latest tweets.

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12. Ian Barnard

Ever heard of the artist who created letters for living? Yes, that’s Ian Barnard. He is a passion-driven graphic designer who knows no bounds to limit his creativity. He loves to create things with his hands and then posting them on Instagram to inspire the up-and-coming artists. What does he think about creativity? It’s a muscle that needs to be exercised frequently!

If you’re interested in making your creativity muscle flex that much, don’t forget to follow Ian on Twitter.

13. Brian Hoff

Brian Hoff is the founder and Creative Director at the Brian Hoff Design, which is a design agency catering web and mobile products and platforms. He loves to share his life on Twitter and tweet about his work and new launches.

Hand rolled alcohol-infused Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream. 🙌

A post shared by Brian Hoff (@behoff) on

He’s definitely an inspiration for anyone who’s got their eyes on design.

14. Dana Tanamachi

If you’re a fan of chalk-lettering trend merged with gradient and floral art, then you might want to borrow some inspiration from Dana Tanamachi, the founder of Tanamachi Studio. She lives a quiet life in Seattle after moving from New York. She has also worked with big names, such as Google, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Penguin Books, USPS, and West Elm.

You can follow her aesthetic work of art on Instagram.

15. Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a hand-lettering artist on the go who spent 9,000 hours practicing a skill that made him earn a five-figure sum. After he launched his own teaching course, he made six figures in the first three days. Also, he runs his own company ‘seanwes’ and loves to help inspire others to grow their business. Sean authored a book, started a TV show and a podcast and started mentoring people on how to grow their business.

⭐️ New Blog Post: (it’s 5,800 words long!)

A post shared by Sean McCabe (@seanwes) on

You might want to take a look at his mesmerizing profiles on Twitter and Instagram.

16. Kate Moross

Living the life as a graphic designer truly fits the image of Kate Moross. She’s a punk who loves every shade of color in her neo-pop modern art, with which she experiments in her personal studio, Studio Moross.

Fun wedding commission for Lucy & Ahmed 🌴🌺

A post shared by Kate Moross (@katemoross) on

Even her Twitter profile is there to keep you lined up for more fun-packed adventures.

17. Leta Sobierajski

There’s no artist on earth who doesn’t want to merge more than two art forms to explore a new dimension. Leta Sobierajski is one such name that pops out to show the audience unique visuals that are produced by combining traditional graphic design with photography, art, and styling. In case you’re wondering how popular she is, she’s been featured in Print magazine as one of the top 20 international designers under 30.

Leta’s Twitter and Instagram profiles are worth a view!

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18. Grace Bonney

According to Forbes, her blog attracts a million readers a month. Grace Bonney started her own interior blog site ‘Design Sponge’ in 2004, which went from an ordinary blog to big business.

She keeps her life and work in balance and oh, there’s her Twitter!

19. Drea Zlanabitnig

What do you call an artist who needs to correct people when they spell out her name wrong? She’s called Drea Zlanabitnig, who loves to keep an eye on everything trending. She’s a designer for New York Times and is a hippie who cakes her feeds with cool art projects and yes, trending events.

Here, take a look at her Instagram profile!

20. Kristian Hay

Kristian Hay is a Canadian graphic designer who recently started his design studio ‘ZAK’ in collaboration with Arvin Paelmo. Kristian specializes in brand development, art direction, and visual design.

Lil’ render for some work over at @wearezak 🙂

A post shared by Kristian Hay (@kristianhay) on

His Twitter feed is filled with design tweets and ice hockey.

Are You Up For The Chase?

Designers can be found everywhere, but following them is something you’d have to be good at. The designers we picked today are the contemporary success shooters who can unleash a whole new portal of ideas in one’s mind.

Not only each of these designers is gifted but are destined to inspire everyone out there. Apart from their work, engaging and participating on social media helps them and their followers communicate better and appreciate each other’s sense and passion for art.

Did we miss out on your favorite artist? Hit us up in the comment section below!

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