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20 Super-Villain Illustrations To Boo Your Friends This Halloween! -


Featured Image: iStock/yourbordo

With Halloween just around the corner, we aren’t messing around. This isn’t a collection of sexy, sultry, or cheeky Halloween imagery that you can find anywhere else on the Internet. No, here we have collected some of the grittiest, most frightening, and truly scary sources of inspiration for you so you can make this Halloween that much spookier for you and your friends.

These designs are created by artists from all corners of the world and depict their takes on some of the evilest super-villains Hollywood and comics have given us over the years. And a few original designs too.

1. Why So Serious?’

The Joker appears most prominently on this list and deservedly so. The terror and desperation he inspires are absolute.

Tommy Prayogo
Image Source: Behance/Tommy Prayogo

2. The Jared Leto-Joker

Though definitely less scary than other versions of him, what he lacked in terror he more than made up for in cruel pranks and psychopathy.

Juan Dudley
Image Source: Behance/Juan Dudley

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3. Joker’s In The Club

If you want a less scary but equally crazy Joker-vibe.

Paulo Valdecantos
Image Source: Behance/Paulo Valdecantos

4. Put On A Happy Face!

Ride on the Pheonix-Joker high. He has given us a character that will keep inspiring designers and artists for all times to come. Plus, not too shabby for your Halloween inspiration this year.

Cesar Moreno
Image Source: Behance/César Moreno

5. Darkseid

For those among you with aspirations to go over to the dark side.

Daron Gibson
Image Source: Behance/Daron Gibson

6. The Green Goblin

This is a super-villain that has more cunning than crazy.

Andre Mora
Image Source: Behance/André Mora

7. The Nun

If you’ve studied at catholic private schools, perhaps you can appreciate that there is a certain kind of fear that only the sight of a nun can evoke in you.

Anna Kopylova
Image Source: Behance/Anna Kopylova

8. Minimalism In Halloween

A villain who doesn’t say much is always the more frightening.

Paul Wade
Image Source: Behance/Paul Wade

9. A Sketchy Joker

Isn’t that smile beautiful? Beautiful and depraved. Perfect for a Halloween themed T-shirt, right?

Ryan Brady
Image Source: Behance/Ryan Brady

10. Side Bone: The Leader Of Bone Masters

An original concept by the artist. Side Bone is the master sorcerer who commands over all who know bone-magic.

Brandon Videc
Image Source: Behance/Brandon Videc

11. That’s How Batman Supposed To Look Like, Right?

This Halloween, go with a realistic Batman costume.

Luca Torsello
Image Source: Behance/Luca Torsello

12. The Freak

An original concept, The Freak is a genuinely mindless villain. We wonder how he thinks up all his skullduggery, then.

Tomairangi Nikora
Image Source: Behance/Tomairangi Nikora

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13. The Mud-Man

Another original concept. Can you fight him off with a hose-pipe, though?

Ora Xu
Image Source: Behance/Ora Xu

14. The Rise Of The Villain!

Villainy so stylish, it becomes you.

Sadie St Andrew
Image Source: Behance/Sadie St. Andrew

15. The Green-Goblin

Imagine someone coming at your door trick-or-treating in this.

Jean Paul Medellin
Image Source: Behance/Jean Paul Medellin

16. Dr. Poison.

A truly vile villain if there ever was. What makes her scary is that she could reason her evil.

Charmaine Jane Villanueva
Image Source: Behance/Charmaine Jane Villanueva

17. Mr. Freeze

He’s perhaps a more sympathetic villain on this list, yet a villain nonetheless. We suggest using an ice-cold wit to go with this persona. Think you can manage it?

Josh Book
Image Source: Behance/Josh Book

18. The Two-Face

It will definitely need a look of make-up, but if done right may illicit some screams, boos, and perhaps an occasional heart-attack.

Jesus Bran
Image Source: Behance/Jesus Bran

19. General Grievous

If you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it right.

Robert Bruno and Poster Posse
Image Source: Behance/Robert Bruno & Poster Posse

Halloween fun night

20. Emperor Palpatine

Way to make the old emperor more intimidating! If you were looking for Halloween inspiration, here it is.

Robert Bruno and Poster Posse
Image Source: Behance/Robert Bruno & Poster Posse

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