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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 6 Emerging Logo Design Trends in Silicon Valley For 2015! -

Emerging Logo Design

Featured Image: Unsplash/Sabri Tuzcu

Silicon Valley is known mainly as the technology hub for thousands of startups. Like every year, 2014 has also been a year full of progress and prosperity for this San Francisco Bay Area. Lots of new companies have emerged in different industries, not just in technology. Today, we are going to analyze some recurring patterns of logo design from the local startups of Silicon Valley in this year to gauge trends for 2015. These trends will be at their peak in the upcoming year and need to be understood, along with the other steps that must be taken by all aspiring entrepreneurs for branding. Here, have a look at the new hype and the startups which gave it the fuel.

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Logo Trend #1: The Reels & Musical Notes

Symbols from the mass media are going to be en vogue in the next year, especially, for digital media companies dealing with movies and music. The symbols are going to be more versatile, though, or so I hope…

• Verselt


Verselt is an app that lets you converse with your friends in music by sharing your favorite quotes and clippings from a song. You can simply grab a verse, caption it, and share with your friends. Similarly, you can listen to what they share, reverse them, comment, and become a fan.


Reelgeni us

Reelgeni may not have a very unique logo icon, but their mission certainly stands out from the crowd and you are going to love it for what it does to satisfy your digital media craze. They are striving to map and index the world media and creating a video search engine that allows the users to find specific scenes within a video, powered by themselves.

• The Video Animation Company

The Video Animation Company

The Video Animation Company provides services of creating explainer videos. These high converting, fun and informative animated video explainers describe what you do in only 60 to 90 seconds. They are expected to engage the audience, explain, train, and then, finally, convert.

Logo Trend #2: Rectangles

In 2014, hexagons were quite in for logo designs belonging to any industry, be it technology or investment companies. Next year, it’s going to be all about the rectangles in both vertical and horizontal manners. Check out who’s already rolling in that direction.

• Jolata


Jolata works like an electron microscope for a network. It offers unprecedented visibility and analytics for it. It enables the network operators to thoroughly check the performance of a network in real time so they can locate and diagnose hard to find problems really fast.

• KPG Ventures

KPG Ventures

Vince Vannelli is the founder and managing partner at the KPG Ventures, i.e. a technology focused venture capital firm. Their logo design is just as bold and vibrant as their approach to capital investment.

• Appthetable


Appthetable is a mobile platform for the restaurants where they aim to enable customers to order food directly from their smartphones and pay in a similar manner. It doesn’t compromise on the traditional restaurant experience, but enhances it by keeping a record of customers’ preferences, allergies, and order histories.

Logo Trend #3: Speech Bubbles

Speech Bubbles is something even I am more excited to see in the future of logo design. So far, the speech bubble logo symbols I have come across are mostly boring with one or two exceptions at most. Therefore, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something more unique and vibrant using this very interesting symbol for a logo and icon design.

• Omlet


Okay, don’t you start drooling on omlets now! This Omlet is just an open messaging chat app, created by Omlet Inc. This company was founded in 2012 after years of research funded by National Science Foundation grant.

• Operator


Launching from Uber cofounder Garret Camp’s Expa incubator, the application operator helps you pick out presents, send flowers, and book flights; just like a responsible assistant would. While it is still in its infancy, being overshadowed by Facebook messenger, it is growing in popularity fast. The best part? It’s free.

• Braidio


Braidio is a cloud-based Collaborative Learning Suite that focuses on three basic human activities, which are learning, networking, and collaboration to build an employee-driven learning economy within an organization. Unlike most existing Learning Management Systems, Braidio offers a fluid, clean and simple user experience.

Logo Trend #4: Dual Colors

Do you find mono-colored logos tedious and unimaginative? If yes, you are going to be thrilled by the latest trend of using dual colors in a logo text.

• Egnyte


Egnyte is an enterprise-oriented file-sharing startup which is making big waves. After startling revelations about the escalation of NSA’s snooping on cloud-based networks came in to forefront, companies starting fretting over their security. Egnyte is a hybrid cloud storage that allows businesses to keep their data in the cloud or on-premises, depending on the level of security they require for each file. The inclusion of blue in the logo is meant to instill trust in customers and set their minds to peace regarding the viability of the system.

• GreenHalo


GreenHalo is related to environment; hence, the green color. It is an enterprise software for waste diversion and repurposing. It tracks, monitors, and monetizes the waste generated from demolition, construction, building operations, and manufacturing. It is an easy-to-use application created, especially, for the governments, enterprises, and education.

• PuraBela


The PuraBela brand consists of highly effective personal care products that are sustainable and natural. Its branding has been done rather carefully in order to synchronize with the high standards of its customers who are health and environment conscious. One look at the logo and you realize that you’re looking at a personal care product.

Logo Trend #5: Fiery Red & Sweet Orange

Red is hot and orange is sweet – and very, very, in these days, no matter which industry the logo belongs to. In 2015, be ready to see lots of fire and rain coming your way from the Silicon Valley.

• Nurix


Nurix is a pioneer of developing and discovering a new class of drugs that work by modulates the protein regulation machinery of the cell. This process is indispensable for ensuring the healthy life of a cell and treat a score of diseases.Nurix: Nurix is a pioneer of developing and discovering a new class of drugs that work by modulates the protein regulation machinery of the cell. This process is indispensable for ensuring the healthy life of a cell and treat a score of diseases.

• Proteus Digital Health

Proteus Digital Health

Proteus is the most pioneering digital health service in the world, which embeds ingestible sensors in pills to allow doctors to effectively monitor their patients in real time. The tiny chips react in the stomach and release radio waves that are picked up by the chest strap of the patient and then transmitted out to cloud via smart phones.

• Cambly


The Cambly app is great for all English lingual enthusiasts as it helps the tutors (native English speakers) make money while teaching English as a second language to speakers of other languages in the world. For learners, it provides instant one-on-one access to friendly native speakers over video chat anytime of the day, or even night.

Logo Trend #6: The Zoological Logos

Animal figures are very common even now, but in 2015, this trend is going to continue with even more zeal and fervor. Logo symbols referring to the finest creatures of nature are never going out of fashion. From beasts to birds, there will be lots of zoological logos in the upcoming years.

• FaunaFace


FaunaFace offers a unique puzzler IP for casual, mobile, and social games. Its logo justifies the fun, the severity, and the heat of adrenaline that is associated with the gaming industry nowadays.

• GitHub


While the Github platform is largely popular only inside the world of hardcore coding, it has revolutionized the management of software development. The innovative site allows developers to store code that they want to use or even save open source code, making it easier for coders to learn and build on the works of other coders.

• The Raven’s Club

The Raven’s Club

This new app is one of my personal favorites as well. Joining “The Raven’s Club” can open doors of unlimited excitement and thrill for you as a tourist to San Francisco. This app provides customized and local-made itineraries after a short survey that measures a tourist’s interests in general. It uses a unique matrix of experience and intuition to predict his taste, and he can select the best combination of suggestions by the application to explore that city.

Which of these startups have caught your interest in 2014? What role did their logo play in catching your eye? Leave your opinion in the comments here.

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Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. He has been working in the social media space since 2008, with a focus on design services, user interface planning, branding and more. Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns. Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects.

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