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4 Essential Elements Of A Real Estate Logo Design -

Real Estate Logo Design

Featured Image: iStock/Venimo

Logos are critical branding tools. They make brand identifiable and memorable. If you try to recall any of your favorite brands right now, the image that’ll pop in your head will either be the brand logo itself or its distinct color or font.

And these two elements – color and font – along with the logo symbol, and the kind of design (abstract, minimal, 3d, etc.) you’ve chosen for your logo, make up the essential elements of any business logo for any industry, including real estate logo design.

Create your Real Estate Business Logo

For real estate, the importance of logo is crucial, whether you are launching a new brand or going for a rebrand attempt. This business deals with lifetime investments and huge monetary transactions. Therefore, people who search the Internet for good real estate agents, put a lot of stock into logos as their first impression. If you can nail that first impression, only then they’ll click on your website and bother to go to the testimonials or reviews section to test their first impressions.

In this post, we are going to talk about each individual logo element and see the different ways we can get them right.

1. Icons And Symbols

Icons and symbols take up the major portion of a logo design. In some cases, the logo can comprise exclusively of a particular icon or symbol – without any tagline or business name underneath. Sometimes, the font becomes the letter logo without any kind of icon present. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure it represents your business philosophy, appeals to your target market, and can be applied to different branding media such as flyer designs, official letter head, social media profiles, and business cards etc. without disrupting the design.

Real Estate Logo 1
Apartment building complex logo in brown and orange

Real Estate Logo 2
Black house logo with red dot

Real Estate Logo 3
Logo with Canadian maple leaf

Real Estate Logo 4
Key real estate logo in black color and luxury style

2. Typography

Sometimes, typography creates a logo. Logos that only consist of typefaces and no icons or symbols are called Wordmarks. When opting for a typography based or wordmark logo design, pay attention to what the different fonts, styles, and typefaces mean. Then select the one or the combination that most closely represents your brand personality.

If you aren’t going to base your whole logo on typography, and will only use it to write your business name or tagline, you still need to get the details right. For example, if you sell penthouses, you may want to steer clear from Comic Sans, or if you are going for a more friendly and casual feel, using Times New Roman may not be a good idea.

So, in order to nail the typography message on your real estate logo, you need to get the basics right.

Real Estate Logo 5
Image Source: Behance

Real Estate Logo 6
Letter based logo in mosaic style

Real Estate Logo 7
Font based logo with initial P

Real Estate Logo 8
S logo in black color with patterns

3. Color

Color is also a critical design element when creating a real estate developer logo. In most cases, it can make or break a logo. It is the one thing in any design that people most likely remember. Usually when we think of a business or a brand logo, it is the feature color of the logo that we are most likely recalling.

Though the real estate market usually favors blues, blacks, reds, and greys, the choice of available colors for a real estate logo is varied. Depending on your target market, your main product (whether you sell homes, apartments, or mansions) and whether you operate in city, coastal, or mountain areas, your choice of color can be as closer or as different to the industry favorites.

Real Estate Logo 9
Green house logo in desert area

Real Estate Logo 10
Orange real estate logo in line art

Real Estate Logo 11
Commercial real estate blue logo

Real Estate Logo 12
Image Source: Behance

4. Design Style

Another necessary element for the real estate logo is the unique style of design that you’re going for. Some major logo design types include abstract logos, minimal design logos, classic logos, 3D style logo, mosaic style, and more.

Each type of design is unique and depending on your unique brand needs, you real estate logo can be minimal, 3D, abstract, or classic.

Real Estate Logo 13
A minimal design logo with negative space

Real Estate Logo 14
3D real estate logo in globe design

Real Estate Logo 15
Apartment building silhouette in abstract logo

Real Estate Logo 16
Mosaic logos make beautiful real estate designs

Create A Professional Logo Design

Over To You!

We hope this brief introduction to the essential elements that make up a real estate logo has helped you get a sense of what goes into the design process. Now as you get ready to prepare your art brief for the logo, you’ll know what elements to pay attention to and the different ways to use them.

If you have trouble creating the perfect design for your realtor logo design, perhaps our online logo maker tool can be a starting point? Check it out if you want.

Try Our DIY Logo Maker Tool:


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