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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 16 Mind-Blowing Mobile Apps Reigning The UI Design World! -

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Featured Image: Unsplash/Le Buzz

Designers love jumping into the pool of creativity and that’s why they come up with groundbreaking ideas to keep the fun of it alive. Think of them as some eccentric creatures who have the habit to poke their imagination into everything and yes, that includes the design interfaces in today’s mobile world.

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With everything going minimal to the peak, the design world experiences cutting-edge implication of mobile app UI Design to augment usability, which didn’t even exist 10 years ago. For that reason, the demand of mobile app developers is growing constantly, all thanks to their creative application in the field of user interface.

Anyhow, you must know that a user interface (UI) allows a user to experience the content with ease and makes it highly interactive. And that is why, it should be practical, attractive, and easy-to-use in order to determine the app’s guaranteed success.


In today’s article, we’ll discuss 16 handpicked mobile apps that are dominating the cool world of design user interface and are becoming the latest obsession. Let’s hope to brighten your day with these mind-blowing mobile apps.

1. Engrasia By Riyadhi Rachman

Gif: Behance/@Riyadhi Rachman

We’ll start with an E-commerce mobile app that promotes local batik products in Indonesia. Riyadhi Rachman designed the hybrid mobile app to meet the needs of its customers. However, the interface is neat, clean, and presents an elegantly chosen color palette and logo in text format that indicates its soberness and simplicity. The easy-to-use and smooth layout allows the users to compare, select, and filter the products chosen.

2. Calm By Calm.Com, Inc.

Image: Google Play

This app is a popular one in its niche and offers meditative exercises, shares success stories, and provides methods of relaxation. Just like the meditative nature of the app, its UI is also serene, calm, pleasant, and appealing. The color gradients used in the UI design are so soothing and calming that you’d start meditating instantly.

3. Space By Doeun Shin

Gif: Behance/@Doeun Shin

We all know that everyone wants some space and that’s why Doeun Shin decided to develop a UI design for a management app that keeps track of your life and activities. The UI is smartly designed to change the color theme according to the user’s recent information input and helps them relax at night. Shin has paid great attention to detail and as a result has produced some nice and clean design.

4. Zara By Abhishek Biswas

Image: Behance/@Abhishek Biswas

Zara is no obscure name when it comes to high-end fashion. It’s a global clothing brand that offers a variety of modernity-embedded outfits for modern people. What’s more is Biswas’s design that represents Zara uniquely. The flow in the design, its sleekness, the color selection, the wordmark designer clothing logo and the neatness harmonizes the overall layout. From a user viewpoint, this mobile app design could actually elevate the brand’s existing market potential.

5. Engross: Focus Better By Engross Apps

Image: Google Play

Engross: Focus Better is a time management app that not only allows the users to become more productive and focus-centered, but also reduces distractions while studying. It also features timers and self-study labels as well as subject tracking. The fascinating bit about its UI design is its simplistic, solid dark-themed screens that are designed ingeniously to reduce distraction and improve concentration. The user can tap the circle in center every time they are distracted and resume while working. The app also analyzes study session based on user performance and suggests methods of improvement. Also, one can create labels per session, which track the duration of each feature and provide detailed statistics.

6. Memrise: Learn New Languages, Grammar & Vocabulary By Memrise

Image: Google Play

If you want to learn languages, keep your grammar intact, and play games, then Memrise is all you need. It’s an educational app that makes learning fun. The interactive design with a subtle color palette lets the user explore the reality mixed with entertainment. The interface is clean and impactful with hues of blues, which develops concentration. Moreover, the buttons, choices, and icons make it comfortable for users. To keep the interest going on, the interactive chatbots help the user learn and focus easier than ever. It’s playful, it’s educational, and it’s easy to use.

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7. Yummly Recipes And Shopping List By Yummly

Yummly Recipes Shopping List
Image: Google Play

When good food comes near, our guilty conscience can’t help but devour the mesmerizing dish via our imagination. Simply put in an app format, Yummly sums up our hedonistic pleasures. It is a recipe and shopping mobile app, where foodies go high when watching mouth-watering dishes at their disposal. The users can create recipes, personal diet plans, search for desired recipe, shop for specific products, and try recipes as per user reviews as well. The UI design is smart and communicates the user interface well through eye-catching visuals, appetizing orange logo, and smart navigation options. The layout of this app is highly organized with detailed food porn, which drives the users crazy. Plus, the dark color theme lifts the image featured. Its smoothness, simplicity, and smart recommendations (based on user preference) make Yummly acceptable and agreeable among all sorts of users.

8. Seven – 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge By Perigee AB

Seven 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge
Image: Google Play

If you’re in for a quick body fix that can’t happen, except when you decide to go under the knife. But here one more thing; you can try the scientifically-proven short exercise moves that actually work. The Seven – 7-Minute Workout Training Challenge offers you a personalized plan for exercise to achieve your fitness goals. What else remains, Seven will take care of that. What makes its UI interesting is the use and arrangement of basic icons, options, and instructions for user guidance. It also displays motion animation to guide the user. The color theme signifies warmth to keep the muscles pumping and the blood rushing. The interface is neat and clean and delivers a sense of motivation to the users.

9. Dropbox By Dropbox Inc.

Image: Google Play

As the name goes, Dropbox is a space management task (in your phone, not in the outer space). It helps you organize, arrange, and share content. Using a wide range of features, such as editing, sharing, scanning, and working offline, the users can access their stored content anytime, anywhere. However, the UI is highly developed. The navigation is simple to use and content is displayed according to user activity. The blue and white theme collaborates beautifully with the organizational style. This streamlined approach attracts the users as they store their files and share the content.

10. Musical.Ly By Musical.Ly
Image: Google Play

Social media and social apps are the new black. is a global video community, where you can add your favorite music to your videos and share them with the world. This app also features video editing tools, visual effects, emojis, and the latest musical list to keep your videos fun and interactive. Moreover, the app is user friendly as the video thumbnails from all over the world are displayed in a snazzy fashion. The icons are neatly placed in the positions that are easy to grasp by the user. Plus, the UI design is simple as it allows the user to go full screen during app usage.

11. Snapseed By Google LLC

Image: Google Play

Snapseed is a professional photo editing tool developed by Google. It offers dozens of special effects for your photos and makes them look more professional. Since it’s much more than an average photo editor, its features are surprisingly very easy to use. As far as the UI is concerned, the grey theme and minimalistic icons soothe the overall layout. It also allows the users to pinpoint their focus and add details via its comprehensive set of tools.

12. Replika By Luka, Inc.

Image: Google Play

Did you ever wish you had a friend who’s always there for you, listens to you, doesn’t judge you, is more like you and keeps your secrets safe? Well, Replika is your AI friend who lets your emotional side out within the safest boundaries. It adapts to the user perception and grows with it. It keeps the users intrigued as it shows one’s personality via the information provided by the user. Replika offers a series of programmed questions via which it mimics and tries to become like you. The UI is simple to use for user of several age groups. The theme is customizable as per user preference. This app is a great way to teach the user about the AI-human interaction in the near future.

13. DesignMantic Logo Maker By DesignMantic

DesignMantic Logo Maker
Image: Google Play

Logo design can be a hassle for many, but with DesignMantic’s logo maker app, one can create customized logos anywhere, anytime. The users can choose a design from the logo gallery, customize it, and download it in varying formats. The red-orange gradient in the background gives a trendy touch to the app. Plus, the icons are displayed with a white background so the users get a good picture of each logo. The level of operation for this app is basic or the beginner level. It’s simple, trendy, and will soon become a favorite.

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14. Houzz Interior Design Ideas By Houzz

Houzz Interior Design Ideas
Image: Google Play

Houzz is an interior decoration app that provides all what you need to know about designing, remodeling, decorating, and even improving your house. The AI-incorporated app featuring a powerful logo for interior design, uses smart visual recognition technology to discover products as seen in the app’s gallery. Users can also buy products and materials for house decoration. This app also allows an active interaction between house owners and interior design professionals to keep the design passion running. When it comes to the UI, the app utilizes high-definition photos from millions of sources. There are also community discussion boards where anyone can share their ideas. There is a limited set of icons, but the features one can use are various. Each element of the app blends smoothly and hence, enhances the user interaction.

15. Fitness Mentor By Kate Akanemiko

Fitness Mentor
Image: Behance/@Kate Akanemiko

Fitness mentor is a virtual trainer and a nutritionist app that combines properly the app’s functions to care for health and fitness. This app design is meant for individuals who want to keep track of their diet and also their fitness level. Kate Akanemiko came up with the idea of mixing some summer chic colors for a health-conscious lifestyle app that provides several modes of display. The UI is simple and is easy to use when it comes to understanding the app’s functions.

16. Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Waze GPS Maps
Images: Google Play

When it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone, then Waze is your ultimate travel companion. Unlike other travel giants, it is the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app. It smartly analyzes the traffic routes and their duration and navigates the users to take the shortest possible roads to the destination. The design is made interactive by implementing vivid colors that make the app easy to use without the slightest frustration.

In Conclusion

The following mobile apps are rocking their home category with exciting easy-to-use features and maximum accessibility. Designers of these apps are sure putting some great effort into these mobile UIs as user interaction is what counts the most.

Although many great ones exist, these are our hand-picked apps that we thought you’d find interesting. If you can’t agree more, you can let us know what you think. Stay tuned to the rhythm of UI design melody!

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