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Typography 12 Aug 2014

7 Deadly Sins of Typography

Ever pondered over what could bring upon you the wrath of the typographic titans? Here are the, “7 Deadly Sins of Typography” that could incur the displeasure of ...

Typography 5 Aug 2014

Expressing yourself with Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography or motion typography is the art and technique of expressing with the help of animated text. It is appealing to the senses and has a strong visual impact ...

Typography 5 Aug 2014

The History of Typography

Ever wondered how typography evolved into all the modern and sleek looking typefaces that we see today? Here’s a brief history of typography that best explains all the different font types ...

Graphic Design 23 Jul 2014

Golden Ratio in Design

Have you ever heard of the Golden Ratio and why we are referring to a mathematical formula in a design article? Believe it or not, the golden ration is the ...

Logo Design 22 Jul 2014

10 Pitfalls To Avoid When Designing A Logo

Logo Design is an intricate process that involves the designer going through a lengthy design process to contrive a powerful enough design. However, this process could be made a little ...