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#GivingTuesday Roundup: Wow Designer Moms all over USA – Beauty with Brains -

Featured Image: Xi Pan

Women make great designers as they are naturally given a better sense of color and hues. This does not mean that men are any less in design, but women, whether they are professional designers or not, are expected to be more harmonized and sensible when it comes to design and décor.

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We have previously published a few resource pages that focused on female designers from the U.S. who excelledinmultiple categories of design. Therefore, I find it safe to assume that the phenomenal skills and talent of women designers from the U.S. need no introduction to our regular readers. However, as Mother’s Day approaches(May 11th – the upcoming weekend) and many of these designers are dedicated mothers as well; I would like to honor their parenting role in the light of their profession. All these amazing personalities belong to various fields of design. Some of them are graphic designers; some create typography; others are skilled in print design; whereas, many of them are illustration artists. What makes them super special is the fact that they are all mothers. Our today’s post celebrates not only their expertise as professional designers but also their motherhood.

• 5 Graphic Designer Moms:

Imagining a world without graphic design is impossible. The industry sees exponential growth and the designers contribute in making the world visually more appealing both in real life and online. As newer faces emerge and graphic design trends evolve in 2014, we see the pool of talent overflowing with creative and inspirational work. These graphic designer moms are also making waves within the design industry.

1. Michele Taber – California

Michele is the Creative Director at Taber Creative. She specializes in branding and designing marketing collateral. She got recognition for her logos published in New York’s prestigious “All-American Logo” Annual and has received several prestigious awards for her work.

2. Bryony Gomez Palacio – Texas

Bryony is the Co-Founder of Texas based design firm and blog publishing enterprise called UnderConsideration. She is a graphic designer and mother of two.

3. Jordan Boesch – Southern California

Jordon is a Graphic Designer, Photographer and mother to two little boys. She is based in Southern California’s Mojave Desert.

4. Carelle – British Columbia

Carelle is a versatile creative and into everything related to design. She is a Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Consultant, Artist, Writer, Photojournalist, Video Freak, Illustrator and a mother.

5. RJ Palacio – New York

RJ Palacio is an accomplished author. Her first novel was published in February 2012. She is also a professional Graphic Designer and mother of two.

• 5 Web Designer Moms:

Internet has turned our world into a global village, yeah? The more people use it, the more it has to be cultivatedboth technically and aesthetically. It is a web designer’s job to create websites that are vibrant, clean, and easy to navigate. A quick online search confirms how well these female web designers are doing in nurturing quality and good aesthetics in the industry.

1. Nicky Herron – Missouri

Nicky Herron is a Web Designer stationed in Saint Louis, MO. Besides being an excellent web designer, she is also fluent in digital photography and print design.

2. Robin Cornett – Tennessee

Robin Cornett a Web Designer and Photographer. She has an outstanding web design portfolio featuring a wide range of custom web designs, WordPress sites and form solutions.

3. Tammy Hart – Alabama

Tammy’s expertise lies not just in Web Design but she is also an avid UI Engineer & WordPress Developer. She lives in a small community outside of Birmingham, Alabama, USA with her husband and three daughters.

4. Eileen Allen – North Carolina

Eileen is the Creative Director at Atlantic BT – a Web design company in Raleigh, NC. She is a mother, web standards and usability advocate, wordsmith, photographer and Art lover.

5. Asya Rahim – Georgia

Asya Rahim – an Ohio based designer – has a healthy appetite for tech and web design. She is associated with a local SEO and Web Development firm named EINFUSION.

• 5 Illustrator Moms:

For one thing, American design industry is full of illustrators and graffiti artists. Although the two are related, illustrators work with all types of mediums – print or digital, and fulfill a variety of commercial and personal artistic ambitions. These wow-moms will amaze you with some of their bold and beautiful illustration extravaganza just like the women illustration designers from New York State.

1. Caroline Lifshey – New Jersey

Caroline is an experienced Illustrator and Designer with a flair of elegant themes. Her expertise include Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark Xpress.

2. Tanya Eddy – Arkansas

Tanya Eddy is the Owner of the Jonesboro School of Art and a dedicated member of #SCBWI. Her epitome of motherhood clearly reflects in her designs and illustrations.

3. Kelly Vulfolaic – Pennsylvania

Kelly is a professional illustration Designer and Foster Kitten mother. She enjoys drawing everything from cute little kitties to big scary monsters. She is currently available for both in-house and freelance work.

4. Cathy Bruce – Maryland

Cathy Bruce is a wife, mother, graphic designer and foodie in Frederick, MD. She has an aesthetic sense that can be perceived in her work quite clearly.

5. Jenny Suchin – Southern California

Jenny Suchin is an Illustrator and Designer. She has a passion for owls, evident in her illustration. She is also a design member at CHA.

• 5 Typographer Moms:

Typeface design and typography are the backbone of print and digital graphic design. Most of the typographers specialized in multiple design categories. You may find brilliant typographers from different regions of the world but United States still rules the global industry. Following are just a few among many extraordinary female typographers our country has produced. Have a look!

1. Emilie – Pennsylvania

Emilie Rejiciana is a Philadelphia-based graphic designer and freelance photographer. She is also an enthusiastic Typography geek and loving mother.

2. Nancy Windesheim – San Francisco

Nancy Windesheim is a Graphic designer, Business Owner at Windesheim Design, Typography Nerd and mother of two. Her mantra is ‘Life’s too short for bad design’. She is in San Francisco.

3. Shaunna West – Alabama

Shaunna West runs Perfectly Imperfect blog. She is a mother, furniture painter, wannabe designer, dreamer, typography fanatic, vintage book collector and passionate about home.

4. Kendall Walker – Massachusetts

Kendall is a creative thinker who is obsessed with typography. She is the creative director at Quench Design Studio.

5. Tedeschi Design – Maryland

Who says a mom can’t be a typography junkie? Not just that, Tedeschi Design offers great InDesign and graphic design services.

• 5 Print Designer Moms:

Print design is a specialty in which women are doing rather well in the United States. These women belong to various States but their love for printing design has made them the upcoming eye candies of our graphic design industry. Moreover, we “heart” them because they are the star mothers of this year’s DesignMantic wow-moms.

1. Jennifer Hill – Massachusetts

She loves to travel and cures thehomesick. She also designs fantastic map prints based on place-inspired patterns and clean typography. A beautiful and vivacious mother to a 3 year old insomniac, her portfolio can be viewed at JHillDesign website.

2. Tina Milas – Pennsylvania

Tina is the author and designer at Zoo Cutie Printables. Mum of two, she is a creative nut who specializes in designing S’more treat boxes, organizers and blog planner bundles, nurture printable packs, etc.

3. Kathy Osborne – Maryland

Kathy is a print designer as well as proud mother of two girls. She is also a book worm and a sushi lover who provides branding, web design and printing services to her clients.

4. Rebecca Renner – Tennessee

She loves to run. But, she is also a great print and presentation graphic designer. She is also a compassionate mom who loves helping others. For any kind of creative, effective, and affordable design project, do check out her work at Creative Minds website.

5. Bree – Texas

Bree is the awesome mother, artist and designer of bree craft designs which is a line of printable paper goods on Etsy. You may contact her for any custom made design you might have in mind.

Women in the U.S. are talented and independent. They are single, married, divorced, etc. but nothing keeps them from achieving their dreams and aspirations. They are also designer moms who will be celebrating this Mother’s Day 2014 with us. Let us know of your thoughts and opinion in the comments.

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