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Flying And Falling With Trump’s Space Force Logos -

Space Force Logos

Featured Image: Trump Make America Great Again Committee

It’s a bird! No, no, it’s a kite! No, wait. It’s an airplane. No, no, no! it can’t be! It’s one of those shenanigans President Trump is known for. Is it true that he instructed the Pentagon to come up with a military force in space?! Is his force aimed to tackle the alien spaceships? Let’s figure out what all the space buzz is about.

Up, Up, And Away To Mars: How It All Started

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It all started on August 9, 2018, not too eons ago if you ask me. Trump supporters started receiving emails from Trump’s political action committee (POC) aka ‘Trump Make America Great Again Committee’. The emails they received contained 6 logo designs, demanding them to vote for the new aerospace logo for Trump’s upcoming Space Force. And they ask you for donation as well!

C’mon, who would’ve ever thought of militarizing the space? No one. President Donald Trump has a mind of his own and everyone knows it’s one of its kind. And guess what? Using the same Make America Great Again merchandise technique, they’re going to reinvent the wheel, just a little ‘spacey’ this time.

Forget NASA and other space research centers, people; Vice President Mike Pence has outlined the detailed plan for coming up with the sixth ‘space’ branch of the US military. According to him, the Defence Department will employ the President’s guidance and turn his vision into a reality by 2020. They say that the space mission will be led by a four-star space commander who will control the Space Force operations. However, instructions to Pentagram have already been sent. Yet the consent of the Congress remains.

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How come did the American President come up with the idea of Space Force? Inspiration can’t possibly come from the transformer saga or the Toy Story (who knows?!). After the Vice President’s speech, Trump tweeted with ‘Space Force all the way!’

But for every action, there’s a reaction. Senior officials, including Defence Secretary James Mattis, have opposed the idea of Space Force and have delivered serious admonitions. The opposers fear that the current military performing space missions may suffer from resource depletion if this costly endeavor has to be performed. It may be surprising, but it’s the first US military branch created ever since 1947.

Dissecting Trump’s Space Force Logos

So, it’s all said and done. And here we are. We received Trump’s Special Force logos and here’s what we think:

Logo No. 1: The first logo resembles something. Wait a sec! Doesn’t it look similar to NASA’s logo? Oh yeah, they’ve just replaced the white and blue with red and yellow with a big ‘SPACE FORCE’ in the center. The only difference of it from other logos is that it doesn’t have a shooting rocket icon in the logo.

Logo No 1

Logo No. 2: This one features a dark blue orb with an unbalanced lighter rim. You can see a rocket with an inverted flame icon (meant to look like the rocket flare) and a tilted orbit with stars and text in between. As odd as it sounds, it seems like the vintage style logo dates back to the previous century with a font belonging to the art deco typeface family.

Logo No 2

Logo No. 3: Again, we have the rocket. Something seems a bit off. The logo designers must’ve wanted to feature a rocket circumnavigating the planet but is it leaving traces of red yarn or vessels? Oh, wait! It seems like Spiderman has hijacked this thing. Or maybe it’s a stethoscope wrapped around the world. What do you think?

Logo No 3

Speaking Of Space Logos, Don’t Forget To Check Out The Negative Space In Graphic Design

Logo No. 4: You must get used to the rocket, tilted orbit, the minute stars, and the ‘SPACE FORCE’ text. But now there’s a shield and a tapering rocket blasting off with a unicorn spectrum. From the colors and the icon style used in this logo, it represents the class of perfect space-themed toy for kids.

Logo No 4

Logo No. 5: Wait, wait, wait. I know this one. Doesn’t it seem like a spaceship lifting the circus tent up to the moon’s height? Epic scene from the ET film, perhaps? If it were meant for a special hardcore combating Space Force, shouldn’t the designers have skipped the clipart moon and the circus tent tied to the rocket’s engine? Is the circus manager filthy rich to own a rocket or is this logo part of the presidential campaign? I can’t even…

Logo No 5

Logo No. 6: Hmm… Mars Awaits… For Space Force or Mr. President? No matter who it’s waiting for, this logo gives confusing vibes straight on. OK, so they’ve decided to take credits for NASA’s research on the red planet, but I think they’re a little obsessed with how Ben found the Omnitrix in the forest.

Logo No 6
Logo Source: Trump Make America Great Again Committee

Let’s Hear What THEY Have To Say

You’ve read what we wanted to say. Do you want to hear what the people all over the internet are saying? No, then we’ve just gathered the best roasts to Trump Space Force all the way from Twitter. Here are a few picks from the world of Twitter – where roasts survive for roasts’ sake!

Good one, Rob! You’re one true graphic designer at heart!

Here’s a neo-Nazi version of the space force. That’s going to burn deep!

Blasting Mr. President to the Sun. Great place to get a full tan!

Even Russia knows how to mock Trump’s Space Force Logo!

The best in the history of logos?! You seriously cannot kid!

Bonus Comedy: First Dog On The Moon

Apart from all the tweets above, we think that people must also be given this option from First Dog on the Moon. This cartoon is comical, fun, and straight to the point. What else could you ask for?

Bonus Comedy First Dog On The Moon
Image: The Guardian

Our Say On The President’s New Space Frontier

Indeed, there’s nothing we could expect less from the current American President. Like I mentioned before, President Trump must have drawn some inspiration from Toy Story’s character: Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz once remarked, “Don’t talk to me about importance! Because of you, the security of this entire universe is in jeopardy!” Maybe this dialogue was taken a little too seriously by the President. Why on earth didn’t we think of this before?!

However, jokes aside; the technology logos for the Space Force program haven’t received much appreciation from the layman and expert alike. Most people are coming up with their own logo designs for this space project! Not only is this program heavily expensive, it could solve many issues that are left unattended. Plus, the reality of the logos and Space Force program donation seems like the perfect means to fuel Trump’s reelection campaign.

Anyhow, the VP Mike Pence acknowledges the fact that the only intent to create the Space Force is to ensure better security in the outer space. He talks about peace on earth and on space and of course, to gain an upper hand in ‘owning the outer space’ (which it already does).

What’s your take on this one? Do you think President Trump has a superhuman ability to foresee beyond the horizon? We’d be glad to receive some juice from you!

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