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World Smile Day: Brands Using Design To Spread Smile -

World Smile Day 2017

Featured Image: iStock/praisaeng

Smile is contagious and everyone knows that. Like all the other days that are celebrated throughout the year, World Smile Day might be just another day for most of our readers, but in the hearts of many the day has a special room. Unlike other days, it gives you another reason to smile amongst many and you can share the happy moments even with strangers without getting a cold response.

World Smile Day is celebrated with much fervor around the world on the first Friday of October with a special message:

World Smile Day 2017
Image: World Smile Day

Harvey Ball Smile Award & The Celebrations

Since 2000, the Worcester Historical Society has been celebrating this day where people come to enjoy a range of face-theme exhibits, events and Harvey Ball Smile Award is given to an honorable and deserving individual. This year, the 17th Harvey Ball Smile Award winner is Patty Eppinger who is awarded to make Worcester smile by doing significant work for education and children.

Harvey Ball Smile Award and The Celebrations
Image: BayStateParent

List Of Events

4:30-6:30 PM: Smiles in the Street – free family entertainment at 30 Elm Street between Linden and Chestnut. Storytelling, face painting, food trucks, music by Chuck and Mud and so much more!

6:30-8:30 PM: Harvey Ball Reception in the Museum – with silent auction and Patty being presented with the 17th Worcester Historical Museum Harvey Ball Smile Award.

Other Worchester events include sidewalk chalk art contests, hot air balloon races, pie-eating competitions, concerts and circus performers. In addition, the world’s largest smiley face is also on display.

World Smile Day Ambassador 2017 Button

Designed by Smiley Stamp Café Worcester, Massachusetts, these buttons help you do more by creating amazing flair. Write your good sentiments and express your happy moments with these buttons. Wear them proudly on World Smile Day then ‘Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.’

World Smile Day Ambassador 2017 Button
Image: Facebook/WorldSmileDay

Smile For The Life

Giving someone a reason to smile does not a cost you a penny and spreading smile is one of the noble causes. The best of the reasons to smile is life itself that we are awarded with. So, let’s say it to smile, ‘till death do us part,’ with this inspirational video.

World Going Gaga Over Smile Day

As the days fold up, the brands as well as nonprofits are in a rat race to introduce the world some novel ways for spreading smiles through colorful design campaigns and advertisements. Let’s call it branding for a cause where designers use all the right elements; from putting the right design elements to picking up complimentary colors to tickle people’s emotions in a fun way.

1. Light And Free

World famous yogurt brand Light & Free comes up with a beautifully designed smiley emoticon that perfectly fits the theme of World Smile Day.

Light And Free
Image: Danone Light and Free

2. Huffington Post Canada

Though newspaper industry knows how to be in the news by spreading smiles once in a while. Huffington Post, Canada made just a right attempt by sending everyone a smile on #WorldSmileDay.

Huffington Post Canada
Image: Huffington Post

3. Northwood Primary School

What a better design to celebrate Smile Day and to ignite the importance of the day in children and parents alike. The school’s twitter page read:

4. 49’s Draw

There have been various giveaway events and lotteries as well this Smile Day. Our favorite is 49’s Draw where participants are asked to like and re-tweet presenter smiles in order to take part in the draw.

5. Tbwa/Raad/Bcomad

When it comes to design, advertising companies never lag behind no matter what the occasion is. And what a better way to spread smile on Smile Day.

6. Argüden Academy‏

What an incredible way of telling the connection between good governance and happiness. Marvelous people, marvelous designs.

7. Menchie’s Park

The sweet and sour yogurt factory is offering incredible made-for-Smile Day Fro-YO along with fun activities and prizes on Smile Day. Jump for the offer before it gets vanished.

8. Once Upon A Smile‏

By uploading a smiley moment using the hashtag #mysmilemoment, and nominating a friend to shar their smiley moment you will be contributing to a generous cause of helping innocent souls. Move forward and be a part of chain movement to spread smiles.

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9. Smile Train

This child nonprofit organization is not lagging behind in its efforts to spread smiles on orphans’ faces this Smile Day. The video messages and the colorful art work that they have created speaks volumes about their dedication towards the cause.

Party with us on #WorldSmileDay! Order a party kit and help us change the world one smile at a time.

On the 2nd of October, Smile Train hosted a World Smile Day event at the Flatiron Building’s north plaza in NYC. A photo board of cleft patient smiles was included in this installation. After every five minutes, a new board is revealed and Smile Train provides free surgery for it.

Smile Train Celebrates
Image: SmileTrain

10. FORU Designs

The personalized design store engages its customer base while attracting the new clientele with this fascinating visual message this Smile Day.

11. Mosto Beer House

Don’t have time to attend high-end events this Smile Day? Let’s celebrate in style by sharing a glass of beer that says, ‘Happy Smile Day.’

12. Laureal Grove Florist

Flowers speak universal language and there is nothing better than a floral masterpiece to give someone a reason to smile. Laureal Grove Florist have a perfect combination this Smile Day for you so that you can celebrate the day in a colorful with your loved ones.

No one can undermine the efforts of these brands that are taking every possible measure by contributing towards the noble cause of spreading smiles. Do not forget to leave your feedback in our comments box below.

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