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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 20 Impactful Design Campaigns To Raise Awareness For World Cancer Day -

World Cancer Day

Featured Image: iStock/ThitareeSarmkasat

Cancer is such a pain in the fanny because as well all know by now; there is no cure for it. So the last thing anyone wants in their life is to be diagnosed with anything that lead to their imminent demise. Despite the advancement in medical science, cancer still remains an alarming issue. That is exactly why we strive all year to spread awareness around the world for the most fatal and prevalent cancer cases with World Cancer Day come February 4th.

One of the best ways brands can motivate people to join their cancer awareness campaign is through the creation of stunningly designed campaign posters, advertisements, flyers and more. In this article, we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the most creative and motivational campaign designs that will surely raise better awareness for cancer than ever before. And thanks to the big names promoting these designs, the awareness will have a bigger circulation.

1. UICC – World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

The UICC developed this logo for the official website of World Cancer Day in order to create a worldwide identity for when the day finally commences on Feb 4th. The organization also hopes that those who join to fight for cancer would use this logo in their activities.

2. Phee Jones – UN Smoking Infographic

UN Smoking Infographic

Phee Jones was tasked in creating a diagram with a statistic indicating that 8 out of 10 people die from cancer related to smoking.

3. Annie Rice – Under Your Skin

Under Your Skin

The ‘Under Your Skin’ posters developed by Annie Rice are designed for the purpose of creating skin cancer awareness for the Skin Cancer Foundation. Annie conveyed the message with images of burnt food items to represent how fragile and delicate the human skin is.

4. Luka Appelberg – Dancer Versus Cancer

Dancer Versus Cancer

‘Dancer Versus Cancer’ is a non-profit organization that seeks to raise funding for cancer treatment by teaching people dancing. Luka Appelberg was told to create a poster that relied on contrasting composition between the words ‘cancer’ and ‘dancer.’

5. Juan Labra – Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

This poster by Juan Labra made an interesting graphic of a cigarette structure that shows all the harmful chemicals that are found in a single smoke within its contents.

6. Emran Yousof – Pink Caravan Sharjah

Pink Caravan Sharjah

The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign posters by Emran Yousof is a stroke of pure genius. Every one of his images depicting common objects known to us subtly showcased the effects of breast cancer without coming off as suggestive.

7. Jill De Haan – Adirondack Hike For Hope

Adirondack Hike For Hope

This poster was made by Jill De Haan for the Adirondack Hike for Hope campaign. The campaign was established by musician and producer Dan Snyder who wanted to raise funds for research about fighting prostate cancer by completing a 133-mile hike after learning that he himself had it.

8. Cue Labs – Climb 4 Kidney Cancer

Climb 4 Kidney Cancer

The Climb 4 Kidney Cancer logo by CueLabs is entirely symbolic. The rope that is shaped like a kidney is meant to represent a person’s lifeline while climbing, which also represents the bond between that person and their team. The orange ribbon obviously signifies the call to fight and prevent kidney cancer.

The infinity sign, or figure-of-eight knot that forms the shape of a kidney represents support, research, education and hope to help cancer patients prevail against the disease.

9. Thomas Borgman – Grow A Mo, Save A Bro

Grow A Mo, Save A Bro

Thomas Borgman designed this poster to encourage the world’s hockey players to support the Mo community for Movember to raise funds for men’s health against prostate cancer.

10. Chee Han Tan – Haze Hazard

Haze Hazard

While smoking is the biggest cause of lung cancer, haze also somewhat contributes to it, which is what Chee Han Tan wanted to show with the above poster. The poster also warns the public to wear masks to lessen the infection.

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11. Dan Stephens – Tackle Cancer With Coach Jeff Hinz

Tackle Cancer With Coach Jeff Hinz

Being an alumni of the Post Falls High School, designer Dan Stephens desired to help a coach from his school, Jeff Hinz who was diagnosed with a non-smoker’s lung cancer.

Stephens applied a number of elements into the poster’s design that resemble the sport of football itself. The white ribbon tied around the black football is meant to symbolize lung cancer. The color bars represent wrist bands that were made by the Mr. Hinz’s supporters. The typeface in the black bar matches the one typically used for high school football, while the white one symbolizes the community’s caring nature in fighting cancer.

12. Steven Reizopoulos – Anti-Smoking Poster

Anti-Smoking Poster

Steven Reizopoulos’ anti-smoking poster for lung cancer awareness was made out of used cigarettes to produce a caricature resembling damaged human lungs.

13. FREE – Hair Massacure

Hair Massacure

FREE designed the posters for the Hair Massacure cancer awareness campaign with the tagline “This is how we fight.” The pink hair is what the people of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada use to represent their battle against children cancers. The organization’s goal is to raise millions of dollars for The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Ronald McDonald House.

14. Ezri Nazreen – Save The Pairs Campaign Logo Design

Save The Pairs Campaign Logo Design

Notice the irony in the picture, the colors and the clever use of homophones? Ezri Nazreen made this poster for ‘Save The Pairs’, which is a campaign for breast cancer awareness.

15. Mario Chalela – Melanoma Awareness

Melanoma Awareness

Mario Chalela developed ads to create awareness for Melanoma, which is known for causing 79% of deaths related to skin cancer. The poster is meant to give patients hope that melanoma has a 99% prevention rate if detected earlier. The campaign comes with a tagline that says “one person dies of skin cancer every hour.”

16. Omnia Elhusseny – Medcare Breast Cancer Awareness 2016

Medcare Breast Cancer Awareness 2016

This breast cancer awareness campaign by Omnia Elhusseny came with the tagline “No Excuse Is Good Enough.” It emphasizes just how seriously fatal breast cancer is and brilliantly informs everyone never to take it lightly.

17. Dipti Rode and Zarwan Divecha – Smack That Pack Challenge

Smack That Pack Challenge

Zarwan Divecha and Dipti Rode never once pulled any punches when designing the Smack That Pack Challenge campaign. Both designers went all in about what smoking has to “offer” to its consumers, which is literally nothing but catastrophic harm to the human body in more ways than one.

18. D Studio – Bowel Cancer Awareness

D-Studio created a short flash animation which informs the viewer about the 5 harmful symptoms of bowel cancer. This cancer is said to bring about the second largest number of deaths in Britain. But if detected early, it is 90% treatable.

19. Deniz Eyuboglu – Healthy Life Advices!

Healthy Life Advices!

The messages behind these posters couldn’t be any more obvious. Deniz Eyuboglu brilliantly utilized the proper food alternatives to prevent lung cancer and heart disease respectively.

20. Roksana Ahmed – Cancer Day Poster

Cancer Day Poster

If the boxing gloves with the cancer prevention ribbons weren’t clear enough, then we don’t know what else is. Roksana Ahmed not only transmitted the right message for World Cancer Day visually, but she also included a positive statistic to strengthen the awareness.


A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, but with the proper altruistic intentions, it can save thousands of lives as well. Melding your fluent artistic skills and your generous heart is how we can move so many hearts to prep for World Cancer Day. If you too would like to contribute your art for the greater good, do let us know in the comments below.

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