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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 7 Times Advertising Agencies Nailed Logo Design & 7 Times They Didn’t -

Advertising Agencies good and Bad

We see epic fails in our social media feeds. We also see some masterfully put together works to behold. And believe it or not, in the cutthroat world of advertising, both the fails and the ooohs happen with frequency as well. Sometimes it all comes together and sometimes it doesn’t even pretend to keep it all together.

But this is advertising. And people say there aint no such thing as bad publicity today.

Create A Logo For Advertising Agencies

We take a look at 7 awesome and 7 not-so-awesome business logos created by the captains of the advertising agencies for their own promotion, taking a gander at why they succeed and why they don’t. After all, their own logo design speaks volumes about their portfolio and values, serving as a litmus test of their own relevancy in the advertising industry.

Logo Done Right – The Wow-Sters And Darlings Of The Advertising World

Here be dragons of the advertising world that sit atop majestically.

1. Grey


Why it works: The ‘GREY’ logo design beckons the observer to admire its confidence and simplicity with all-bold typeface. The ad agency’s design seems self-assured, and that makes their clients feel like they’re in good hands.

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2. SimplyZesty


Why it works: Another unassuming logo that only relies on typography to convey its simple philosophy to branding, the SimplyZesty logo succeeds at a conscious level to endear clients to them.

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3. 360i


Why it works: The logo for 360i seems simple and sleek at the same time, speaking to its forward-thinking approach to advertising and branding.

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4. Starcom Mediavest Group

Starcom Mediavest Group

Why it works: Ever seen a starburst? We neither! But even the name gives away the splendor-ific emotions that brand elicits from the people. This same principle of greatness is weaved into the Starcom Mediavest logo design, with its multicolored trippiness making a statement about the ad agency’s creative acumen and experience.

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5. Weber Shandick

Weber Shandick

Why it works: Maybe life is about framing things differently. Like viewing things from a proper perspective. The Weber Shandwick logo attempts to do just that, going with the choice of a vintage frame icon in its logo design.

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6. Isobar


Why it works: The proof of the pudding is in its taste. For advertising agencies like Isobar, their typeface-centric logo design speak a lot louder than a flashy and busy logo design ever would.

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7. Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship

Why it works: You see those book covers with nothing much than a bold title? Turns out they work fabulously well as advertising agency logos as well like Big Spaceship’s design.

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Logo Gone Awry – The Boo-Inducing And Cringe-Worthy Agency Creations

And here be agencies that could’ve handled things a lot better than their current fare.

1. Droga5


Why it doesn’t work: The 5 in Droga leaves many a scratching head. There’s no way it looks like a ‘g’ any way you look at it.

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2. STEAK London

STEAK London

Why it doesn’t work: Is this supposed to be an advertising agency or a farm/slaughterhouse/food company? So much confusion abounds when viewing this logo. Could be much better.

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3. Naked Europe

Naked Europe

Why it doesn’t work: One would’ve expected the logo for ‘Naked Europe’ to be pedestrian and minimal to the extreme. An isometric ‘N’ would work so much better for a advertising brand, save for this one.

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4. Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Why it doesn’t work : The choice of business name denotes something cool and yet the choice of old-fashioned Victorian-era font is ‘uncool.’ Lean Mean Fighting Machine’s logo would’ve being so much better if only the font and name matched.

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5. Omobono


Why it doesn’t work: They still using that Photoshop ‘Inner Shadow’ effect in 2015? The Omobono logo certainly seems to follow this out-of-favor effect for their brand. This could’ve been handled better in the right hands but this aint it.

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6. Chopping Block

Chopping Block

Why it doesn’t work: There’s too much going on in this logo for it to be easily readable. If only this logo design would’ve ended up at the chopping block instead. It takes more than some squinting to make out the agency’s name.

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7. Pocket Hercules

Pocket Hercules

Why it doesn’t work: An advertising firm with a derivative design that’s a dime a dozen? Orginality matters if you do branding for other people. This is a basic premise that branding agencies are supposed to know for sure.

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Be It A Stumble Or A Home Run, Change Comes For All

The advertising agencies are staffed with some of the most creative people on the planet. Sometimes they get the client brief just right and make magic happen, and sometimes quite the reverse happens. Brands acquire a reputation based on how their values are crystalized in their logo designs. The designs that we looked at above show us how they can get it right and wrong as well. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for brands. Evolution is the name of the game. The key is to learn from the right and the wrong choices we make, a process that can benefit greatly if we adopt an 8 steps approach to logo design.

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Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. He has been working in the social media space since 2008, with a focus on design services, user interface planning, branding and more. Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns. Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects.

One thought on “#GivingTuesday Roundup: 7 Times Advertising Agencies Nailed Logo Design & 7 Times They Didn’t

  1. I dig the chopping block’s (though it does take a second to digest, I stayed with it a lot longer). The ones that you say ‘nailed it’ are TERRIBLY uninteresting to me. They’re okay but I certainly wouldn’t be calling them out as amazing design examples.

    Also, the drop shadow thing? Calling out drop shadows as if they are some awful design element is strange to me. At least that company is making some attempt at a graphical brand.

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