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24 Engaging Covid-19 Posters That Inspire, Educate, And Inform Us -

Covid-19 Posters

Featured Image: iStock/nito100

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world back in March of this year, it signaled the start of a time in our history that will not only test us but will challenge all the ‘normals’ and ‘standards’ we have known so far. Before anybody could truly understand this novel disease, it had already spread to hundreds of countries worldwide.

As its spread continued and people kept falling sick, many of them dying, a barrage of misinformation, myths, and fake news flooded the most powerful communication technology present: the social media.

To fight this flood of misinformation, to make sure that the latest findings and research kept breaking the noise and reach to the public, and to make sure that we are all informed and prepared to take care of each other, World Health Organization and UN turned to designers and artists worldwide.

United Nations sent out a global call to designers everywhere, giving them a common art brief, asking them to create designs that convey reliable information, stop the spread of fake news and myths, and contribute towards causes that support prevention and eradication efforts towards this disease.

Graphic designers from the world over, many of them, who had been cooped up in their houses for a long time, took out their graphic design productivity tools and responded enthusiastically to this call. WHO received thousands of entries within days of the call and they even had to extend the deadline.

Below, we have collected 24 posters from that collection. Posters that are inspiring, educational, fun, informative, and encouraging. Start scrolling down and see some of the best work global design experts have been able to produce to do their bit against the fight of this disease.

1. Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic
Artist: @taber_calderon

2. We’re All In This Together

We’re All In This Together
Artist: Laura Makaltses

3. Be Responsible. Be Aware.

Be Responsible. Be Aware.
Artist: Shrey Doshi

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4. We All Have to Be In It

We All Have to Be In It
Artist: Key Associati

5. Know The Facts

Know The Facts
Artist: Futerra Sustainability

6. The Corona Prevention Kit

The Corona Prevention Kit
Artist: Matthew Field

7. Spot The Symptoms

Spot The Symptoms
Artist: Futerra Sustainability

8. Just One Wrong Move Can Ruin It All

Just One Wrong Move Can Ruin It All
Artist: Aditi Chaddha

9. Soap Is Your New Best Friend

Soap Is Your New Best Friend
Artist: Lewis Kay-Thatcher

10. Clean All You Touch

Clean All You Touch
Artist: Serena Tommasini

11. Know Your Facts. Those Are Called Vaccines.

Know Your Facts. Those Are Called Vaccines.
Artist: Martin Brut

12. Don’t Distance From Them!

Don’t Distance From Them!
Artist: Kateryna Bazarova

13. Take Care Of Your Mind Too

Take Care Of Your Mind Too
Artist: Rawpixel Images

14. Social Distancing Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely

Social Distancing Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely
Artist: Nubefy Design for All

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15. Maintain The Distance

Maintain The Distance
Artist: Francisco Guijarro

16. Even If Nothing Else Worked, This Will

Even If Nothing Else Worked, This Will
Artist: Aashi Jhunjhunawala

17. Inaction Is A Must!

Inaction Is A Must!
Artist: Verdant Brand Communications

18. Dance, Don’t Touch

Dance, Don’t Touch
Artist: Marinie Ruiz Cabanas

19. This Is Really The Only Way

This Is Really The Only Way
Artist: Nick van Wagenberg

20. Support Their Sacrifice

Support Their Sacrifice
Artist: Emily Brunner

21. The Alternate Handshakes

The Alternate Handshakes
Artist: Underway Studio

22. Donate, If You Can

Donate, If You Can
Artist:  Mirna Talaat

23. Something To Remember

Something To Remember
Artist: Heads Up (Madwell)

24. Thanking The Essential Workers

Thanking The Essential Workers
Artist: Laura Paice

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So, What Do You Think?

Aren’t these designs exceptionally uplifting? Feel free to share them all over your social media and help spread the message of prevention, control, and care. If you feel up to it, you can also create a design along these lines and contribute to the cause of support.

Images/Posters: United Nations

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