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Harvest The Holiday Spirit With These 25 Appetizing Thanksgiving Icons -

Featured Image: Unsplash/Brigitte Tohm

There’s something in the air. No, it’s not love. It’s the mesmerizing smell of stuffed turkey baking in an oven nearby.

There’s something more; it’s the piping hot mincemeat pie and the sugary pumpkin pie. Of course, how can I forget! The browning leaves and the fall is now preparing for a thick snow show and we’re about to enter this season with the Turkey Day.

Oven-roast it or deep fry it, the turkey is still going to remind you of the holiday spirit. But you can’t deny the complementary dishes without which the Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete. And oh, we shouldn’t forget the pilgrims and their prayers to start the dinner with. No matter how the Thanksgiving dinner varies across the globe, it has its own idiosyncratic icons that graphic designer use all around the web.

Today, we’ve gathered a list of the sets of icons that are peculiar to Thanksgiving Day and are used across different graphic formats such as birds logo, fall elements in posters, and web design. It’s a season to be grateful for the countless blessings and celebrate our cultural and historical roots. Let’s take a look at how different designers are going to roast their turkey this festive holiday.

1. Thanksgiving Icons By Aomam

With simple and colorful illustrations, the artist has laid out the theme for the upcoming Thanksgiving project. The best bit is that all of the icons are free to use! The leaf icon gives perfect fall vibe for the brands looking to customize for the season.

Thanksgiving Icons
Image Source: Behance/Aomam

2. Thanksgiving Greeting And Icons By Tarra Hamby

Tara Hamby gave her thanks by coming up with the Holiday greetings and icon designs. You might want to say your thanks by appreciating her design!

Thanksgiving Greeting And Icons
Image Source: Behance/Tarra Hamby

3. Thanksgiving Icons By Haleigh Hoff

These icons are a little different from the others. That’s because of the combination of line art and the white and yellow brushed shaped.

Thanksgiving Icons
Image Source: Dribbble/Haleigh Hoff

4. 50 Hand Drawn Thanksgiving Icons by Agata Kuczmińska

50 vector-based icons and all about Thanksgiving. Who’d want to miss a treat like that?! These icons are perfect for sketch logos.

50 Hand Drawn Thanksgiving Icons
Image Source: Behance/Agata Kuczmińska

5. Free Thanksgiving Icons + Font by Will Truran

Nothing speaks more than simplicity and that is why Will Truran has produced 17 turkey day icons, which are all free!

Free Thanksgiving Icons Font
Image Source: Behance/Will Truran

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6. Another Thanksgiving Icons by Naoko Hara

Here’s an icon set with an animated twist. Don’t think Thanksgiving can get any better! You can use these icons to created animated 3D logos, thanksgiving posters, interactive user interfaces and more.

Another Thanksgiving Icons
Image Source: Behance/Naoko Hara

7. Fall for Juice Illustrations | Hurom Holiday Campaign by Barrel

The fun illustration and fun combination of all-time favorite icons from the history of Thanksgiving.

Fall for Juice Illustrations
Image Source: Dribbble/Barrel

8. Thanksgiving Line Art Icons by Anna Sereda

This is true inspiration! The designer is generous enough to give you a 4 bundles of line art along with 2 circular previews of the concepts she came up with. The icons include pumpkin, corn, apple, umbrella, pie, and turkey etc.

Thanksgiving Line Art Icons
Image Source: Behance/Anna Sereda

9. Holiday Vector Thanksgiving Icons by Lesia Hnatiuk

Here is a set of cartoon icons bursting with colors. The collection of the traditional elements is a good way to add some fun to the festivity.

Holiday Vector Thanksgiving Icons
Image Source: Behance/Lesia Hnatiuk

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10. Happy Thanksgiving Free Icons by Ellie Mann

Another toonified Thanksgiving icon at your disposal. You gotta gather the holiday spirit, people!

Happy Thanksgiving Free Icons
Image Source: Behance/Ellie Mann

11. Line Icons – Thanksgiving by Made by Made Studio

Made by Made Studio offers you the courtesy of bringing you exclusive 60 Thanksgiving line icons that are suitable for any Thanksgiving project.

Line Icons Thanksgiving
Image Source: Behance/Made Studio

12. Thanksgiving Icons by Likkie Xiong

Before you gulp down that Thanksgiving dinner, make sure you check out these lines art logos made by Likkie Xiong for inspiration for your next project.

Thanksgiving Icons
Image Source: Dribbble/Likkie Xiong

13. Jumpicon – Thanksgiving Icons by Ayub Irawan

Line icons with thick outer boundary. Classic, traditional, and can be used for multimedia platforms.

Jumpicon Thanksgiving Icon
Image Source: Behance/Ayub Irawan

14. Thanksgiving Icons Set by Marie Martirosyan

Yet another soft-toned illustrated Thanksgiving icons perfect for print projects, especially for children logos, comic books and school posters.

Thanksgiving Icons Set
Image Source: Dribbble/Marie Martirosyan

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15. Thanksgiving Retro Icons Set by Rahmad Kurniawan

If you’ve got some retro theme this Thanksgiving, some nice looking retro icons will probably do you good! You can create vintage logos retro websites or graphic posters using these icons.

Thanksgiving Retro Icons Set
Image Source: Dribbble/Rahmad Kurniawan

16. Hand-drawn Thanksgiving Icons by Hatchers

Who doesn’t like Doodling – especially when it’s Thanksgiving?

Hand drawn Thanksgiving Icons
Image Source: Dribbble/Hatchers

17. Thanksgiving Icons by Darin

Now, here is a nice and clean illustrated Thanksgiving theme. Highlights everything important, doesn’t it?

Thanksgiving Icons Darin
Image Source: Dribbble/Darin

18. More and More Thanksgiving Icons by Aldo Cervantes Saldaña

Nothing speaks modernity than minimalism even it’s used for Thanksgiving. Minimal Thanksgiving sounds good!

More and More Thanksgiving icons
Image Source: Dribbble/Aldo Cervantes Saldaña

19. Thanksgiving Eats by Yoshini G White

Flattering flat design Thanksgiving icons by Yoshini G White, people! The line work, the colors, and the drawing, nothing more than these can display the holiday appetite!

Thanksgiving Eats
Image Source: Dribbble/Yoshini G White

20. Thanksgiving Icons by Sergey Ershov

Flat icon designs with happy character illustration with all the thematic colors and a subtle background. Seems like someone’s got to break that wishbone soon!

Thanksgiving icons Sergey Ershov
Image Source: Dribbble/Sergey Ershov

21. Thanksgiving Food and Props by Petshopbox

It’s all about food! Petshopbox brings you some hearty and healthy Thanksgiving menu. Perfect for Eatery logos!

Thanksgiving Food and Props
Image Source: Dribbble/Petshopbox

22. A Very Paleo Thanksgiving by Patrick Moore

For everyone going paleo – these Thanksgiving icons are for you!

A Very Paleo Thanksgiving
Image Source: Dribbble/Patrick Moore

23. Happy Thanksgiving! by Nimble Division

In case you’re forgetting what vegetables and other eatables you can have for Thanksgiving, here are a few vegetable icons.

Happy Thanksgiving
Image Source: Dribbble/Nimble Division

24. Hello, November. By Krislam Chin

November and Thanksgiving. A wonderful with a wonderful holiday with some quick and simple illustration.

Hello November
Image Source: Dribbble/Krislam Chin

25. Thanksgiving Icons Animation by Patrick Brinkworth

It isn’t hard to see that the designer is a great fan of the football, acorns, and Thanksgiving. A good combo, don’t you think?

Thanksgiving Icons Animation
Image Source: Dribbble/Patrick Brinkworth

With A Fork, A Knife And An Icon – Let’s Celebrate!

Thanksgiving is all about distributing joys and happiness as you go. It originated as a harvest festival but it has deep roots within American history. It gives us the lesson to be thankful for our accomplishments.

In the article above, we’ve listed 25 thanksgiving icons, most of which are not only free to use but are also strong symbols of the tradition. Because Thanksgiving is incomplete without sharing and sharing is incomplete without thy love for thy neighbor. Happy Thanksgiving!

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