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40 Traditional Spa And Massage Logo Design Ideas -

Spa and Massage Logos

Featured Image: iStock/Jay Yuno

What is beautifully designed, looks soothing, and encourages you to book an appointment? A great spa and massage logo, that is. To understand how you can design such a spa and massage logo, we are presenting this beautiful logo collection for your inspiration and knowledge.

These logos not only contain great visuals for effective branding but are cohesive in their design approach with colors, font styles, and symbols, all complementing each other.

1. Female Silhouette For Spa Logo

A female silhouette gently cradled between two caring hands. The colors are soothing and the shape is smooth which adds to the gentle image of the design.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 1
Lady Silhouette logo Design

2. Woman’s Face In Negative Space

Negative space is a great design tool that is expertly used in this logo design. The beautiful strands of hair make the logo look extra feminine.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 2
Beauty logo design with silhouette face

3. Lotus Flowers And Massage Stones

Massage stones and lotus flowers are a traditional staple of massage and spa logos. Use them in your designs to send an instant branding message.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 3
Spa logo idea with lotus leaves and stones

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4. Bamboo Sticks With Massage Stones

Similar to massage stones, bamboo sticks also add to the organic feel of the logo. If you want your audience to immediately think of soothing tunes of wind chimes as they enjoy a relaxing massage, think of featuring bamboo in your spa logos.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 4
Sugarcane logo with sticks and stones

5. Massage Stones In The Shape Of Lotus Petals

A great way to showcase your logo design is to mix images that are relevant to your industry. In the following design, massage stones are formed together into the shape of a lotus flower.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 5
Massage stones in a lotus logo

6. Spa Logo In Rainbow Colors

A great way to make your spa logo pop is to infuse it with rainbow colors. Make it hard to miss!

Spa and Massage Logo Design 6
Image Source: LogoPond/astinso2

7. Luxury Spa Logo In Black

Not a fan of colors? Decorate your luxury spa in all black and white and make it shine differently.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 7
Image Source: LogoPond/jayhollywood

8. Wordmark Spa Logo

Your spa logo doesn’t have to be decorated with icons and symbols only. You can even go with a wordmark design and make your logo stand out.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 8
Image Source: LogoPond/chisharizushi

9. Spa Logo In Naturalistic Illustration

Illustrative logos are popular in 2020 and going with a naturalistic illustration can be a great way for your logo to make its mark.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 9
Image Source: LogoPond/nBarna

10. Spa Logo In Soft Lettering

Make your spa logo look infinitely more soothing by using type design that is softer and cleaner.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 10
Image Source: LogoPond/truenorthe

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11. A Fairytale Spa Logo

This logo design adds a fairytale feel to the image. Using butterfly wings, delicate strokes that showcase female silhouette, and other images that evoke such softer feels can all be great imagery for a spa logo design.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 11
Image Source: LogoPond/archipelogo

12. Cheer It Up With Orange

Using brighter and bolder colors in your spa logo is another way to make an impression. Muted oranges, for example, can be a great way to transform your logo.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 12
Image Source: LogoPond/grendzinski

13. Use All Small Letters For An Intimate Effect

Small case letters make branding look more intimate than corporate. If you want to make your design look approachable, small case letters may be the way to go.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 13
Image Source: LogoPond/MotifCreativeDesign

14. Featuring Hands With The Lettermark

This logo design features the brand initial ‘S’ in the negative space between both hands. Design tricks like these can be effective in making people retain your brand name more strongly.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 14
Image Source: LogoPond/jereford

15. Spa Logo With Nature Effects

Use this massage and spa logo example for a design that looks even more organic and nature-oriented with flying leaves and visible roots.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 15
Image Source: LogoPond/christjalu

16. Use Mandala Designs In Spa Logos

Mandala designs are a popular feature in spa and massage logos. Give center stage to one in your logo design and take advantage of a popular trend.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 16
Image Source: Behance/Anuja Kanani

17. Spa Branding In Green & White

Talking about popular features of spa logos, green and white colors are another famous trait of spa and wellness designs. Using the colors sparingly can make your traditional logo look up to date.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 17
Image Source: Behance

18. Infuse The Design With Cultural Markers

Adding cultural markers, like this African mask as the prime feature of your spa logo can give it a distinctive space in the market.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 18
Image Source: Behance/Mint Mockups

19. A Leaf Can Make A Difference

Clean layout, modern typography, and a single icon – the recipe for an effective spa visual identity.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 19
Image Source: Behance/Insigniada .

20. Minimal Design Spa Logo

Although most spa logos are minimal in their designs, this one takes the cake due to its bare, grey background that lets the logo shine.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 20
Image Source: Behance

21. Use The Soothing Green

This shade of green is popularly used in spa logos due to its soothing properties. It makes you think of forest moss, cool afternoons, and refreshing streams.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 21
Image Source: Behance/Kris Nguyen

22. Use A Bit Of Golden To Luxe It Up!

Want to make it look more expensive? Add a splash of gold in your design.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 22
Image Source: Behance

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23. A Simple Wordmark

It doesn’t get simpler than this. For brands that are confident in their branding and their standing in the market, a simpler design with a clean type is enough to seal the deal.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 23
Image Source: Behance/Cam Diamond

24. Pretty As A Peach

For a nail spa, this peach design steals the show. You can also use this palette for a wellness or health spa logo.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 24
Image Source: Behance/Mustafa Ghuneim

25. Use Handwriting Type

Want to personalize your spa logo design? Use a handwriting or signature type instead of a graphic one.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 25
Image Source: Behance

26. Feature Candles in Your Spa & Massage Logo

Using imagery that’ll make people think of your spa and its soothing massages is a great way to design your logo.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 26
Candle logo with hands icon

27. Fresh As Flowers

Keep your health and wellness logo looking fresh and breathable by featuring some flowers in lavender!

Spa and Massage Logo Design 27
Purple flower logo for spa businesses

28. Illustrated Beauty

Decorate your logo with a beautiful illustration. A woman’s image is a great idea.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 28
Beauty logo with woman in pink

29. Soothing Floras

Logos that look a mixture of hand-drawn details and graphic design add an entirely new level of relevance to the imagery.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 29
White flower logo

30. Yoga And Lotus

Add a yoga pose to your lotus flower. Such a pose would act as a beacon to your potential customers, cutting through all the noise.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 30
Yoga logo with lotus icon in the background

31. Keep It Interesting

Don’t let your logo become boring. Add interesting details. Do some line art, some cool curves, and a bang-on color theme.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 31
Image Source: Dribbble/Daniel Niebla

32. Vertical Type

In a world of horizontal types on logo designs, be a vertical type on your spa logo.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 32
Image Source: Dribbble/Samantha Madeo

33. Trees In The Logo

If your spa is known by a famous location, why not add that location (or a part of it) on your establishment’s logo?

Spa and Massage Logo Design 33
Image Source: Dribbble/Simon Lürwer

34. Moon Goddess In The Logo

Is it a moon? Is it a goddess? It’s both actually, in this luxurious rendition of logo design.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 34
Image Source: Dribbble/Burak Bal

35. Wordmark Logo In Modern Type

The broken letters make any design look modern. So try the trick for your spa logo, especially if it’s a wordmark.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 35
Image Source: Dribbble/Dimitrije Mikovic

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36. A Luxurious Approach

A flower icon with a water drop. The logo design not only looks impeccable, but it also looks modern and sophisticated.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 36
Image Source: Dribbble/Nemanja Vilovski

37. Lavender Suits The Design

Lavender is perhaps the most famous color in a spa and wellness logo. Not only the color is soft with a hint of luxury, but it also looks clean and refreshing.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 37
Image Source: Dribbble/Andrea Maxwell

38. A Modern Aspect

A line art logo adds a level of modernity. The accompanying teal color makes the design look even more refreshing.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 38
Image Source: Dribbble/Mélanie Vautier

39. Keep It Simple

To make your logo design memorable, you don’t have to litter it with unnecessary details. The simpler designs are usually more effective.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 39
Image Source: Dribbble/Jack Royle

40. Beautify It With Black And White

When in doubt, go with black and white. The combination is modern, sophisticated, and looks absolutely suitable on several logo designs, including spa logos.

Spa and Massage Logo Design 40
Image Source: Dribbble/Irina Nosova


So which design did you find the most fascinating? Let us know in the comments and also tell us which idea is closest to your personal style.

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